The course of the Fisheries as per week 48/2013

Published: by Jarle A. Hansen

Still a lot of herring observed in northern waters. In the southern part the very last vessel chases the mackerel - and Norway pout is still being caught in the EU zone.

Atlanto Scandic herring
Last week resulted in a similar quantity as seen lately; the grand total 22.400 MT registered. Coastal vessels contributed with 11.400 MT, purse seiners with 10.000 MT and 1.000 MT came from trawlers. Of the coastal catch 4.000 MT were penned-in.
The main activity for Atlanto Scandic herring has been performed off the Troms coast. The smaller vessels have been operating in the Kaldfjord at Kvaløy island, from where it is reported huge quantities.  Larger vessels in this area started their catching north of Ringvassøy island. Following the adjustment of the "fjord line regulations" previously last week, these vessels moved towards the Vengsøyfjord and Kaldfjord.
In high sea areas west/north west of Lofoten it was hard to find the herring gathered, - in addition to weather hindrance during parts of the week. On Friday some vessels got catches 12-15 n.m. off Hadseløy island in the Vesterålen. During the weekend there was no reporting of herring from this area.
The size of the herring outside Troms varies from 280-350 g. The average is 315 g. The herring from outside Lofoten /Vesterålen is larger with an average of 346 g. The prices vary quite significantly. The best sized herring from the southern areas offered to a wider range of buyers, has an average of NOK 5,33.  Herring from outside Troms are sold between NOK 4,04 and 5,95 with an average at NOK 5,08 The penned-in herring has an average of NOK 4,20.
In the forthcoming week smaller catch quantities are expected. Just larger vessels have still some quota left. A tendency is also observed to leave some of this year's quota for the 2014-season.

North Sea herring
Just a few vessels have been operating last week, and as grand total 4.500 MT have been registered from five vessels. In addition 200 MT are registered as by-catch to Norway pout.
The fishing has been carried out in the EU zone, some 40-50 n. m. southeast of Sumburgh Head at Shetland. The size is in the range between 180-200 g. As a consequence of small size and a modest market, it has been a challenge to sell this herring for consumption purposes. The price for consumption has been between NOK 3,56 - 3,72 and a few catches were sold for meal&oil purposes at NOK 2,-.
Also for the North Sea herring just a few vessels have still quotas left which presumably will be taken shortly.

"Norafjell" had a late start this season because of repair. The vessel reached the area north of the Orkneys early last week. On Tuesday the vessels got a catch of 200 MT. But the mackerel was of small size; some 220 g. It was sold to a buyer in Scotland. The vessel returned for the mackerel afterwards, but the weather hampered the catching. If weather improves, her quota may still be taken.

Norway pout
The catching of Norway pout has been steady, but hampered by weather. The week's quantity was 2.800 MT. As previously the catching is performed at Fladen in the EU zone. The catches are sold for meal&oil purposes at NOK 1,60.
10 vessels are now operating at the field. The remaining quota in the EU zone is 4.800 MT. With ongoing catching and maybe some weather improvement, it is possible to fulfil the quota during the forthcoming week.

Coastal sprat
From the communities of Tønsberg and Horten in Vestfold County, - in addition reorted from Fredrikstad in Østfold, two vessels have been operating resulting in 165 MT of coastal sprat. The sprat has been sold to a Swedish buyer in Strømstad.

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