The course of the Fisheries as per week 49/2013

Published: by Jarle A. Hansen

More than one week into the very last month of the year, activities are slowing down, but still some Atlanto Scandic herring in northern waters, - in addition some North Sea herring, some Norway pout and good sized sprat in the Oslo Fjord.

Atlanto Scandic herring
Above 10.750 MT were the outcome of last week, and as the volume indicates, the activity is slowing down. But again, the weather proved an effective hindrance to catching. On Monday and Tuesday just a few vessels were in operation. The catching is still performed in the fjord areas outside Kvaløya and Ringvassøy islands in Troms, the only exception is a few catches outside Senja Island, one trawler's catch in the Andfjord and some herring being penned-in in Sigerfjord in Vesterålen. Some limited activity also further south.

The average size in general was 308 g. - for some net landings 332 g.  In the southern part the herring is totally different with an average of 215 g. Prices are not very different from the previous week; between NOK 3,05 and 5,72 and the average: NOK 5,03.

In the forthcoming week still some activity is expected, but just a few vessels have quotas left.

Last week again one single Norwegian vessel landed mackerel; 480 MT. By this catch all Norwegian purse seiners have taken their quotas, and for some with 10 % of flex quota as well - to be deducted in 2014. By this very last catch of mackerel the season is definitely over.

North Sea herring
850 MT of North Sea herring were landed by Norwegian vessels last week. Of this quantity 770 MT were from purse seiners while the remaining part was by-catch mixed into catches of Norway pout. The weather was hampering activity significantly throughout the week, but during the weekend, three vessels having still some quota left, were operating. By Sunday night no catches were registered, but reports were received telling there is some herring already on board.

Norway pout
Again a fairly good week when it comes to catching Norway pout. Ten vessels have reported all together 4.100 MT. The weather forced the fleet to shore for several days, but on Friday the activity was resumed and on Sunday night three vessels were operating southeast of Dutch Bank. From the field it is reported moderate success.

Coastal sprat
Two vessels operating in the Oslo Fjord got good sized sprat; from 25 to 60 MT, - 110 MT as grand total of the week. Again the catches were delivered to a buyer in Sweden.

Ocean sprat

After a period of no activity for the ocean sprat, two vessels are now chasing the species. By full moon after the forthcoming weekend, there are high expectations for a "hit".


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