The course of the Fisheries as per week 5/2013

Published: by Jarle A. Hansen

The capelin season is well started in the Barents Sea, while capelin is almost finished at Iceland. The activity on Atlanto Scandic herring was moderate and the first vessel heading west for blue whiting is on its way.

Capelin in the Barents Sea
Last week proved good for capelin in the Barents Sea and the total volume reached some 21.500 MT.  Good observations are still reported, but cod in some areas makes the fishing more difficult. After all this is not very surprising taking into account the historic rich schools of cod this year.
By the end of the week the fishing was performed 60-70 n.m. northeast of Nordkynn.
The total catch is so far 26.000 MT of the annual quota of 119.000 MT. The capelin is sold for both consumption and meal&oil purposes; 15 .000 MT for reduction (landed in Norway and at the Faroe Isles) and 6.500 MT for consumption (landed in Norway).

Capelin at Iceland
At Iceland the season is close to be finished, just 6 vessels still operating. Thursday night there was no permissions for new vessels to join, as the capacity on site is estimated sufficient to get the remaining quota. In case there is no extra quota to be added, 9 vessels will not be able to get their quota. - 3 of them did not intend to participate.
The capelin at Iceland has been of very high quality this winter with a mixed size between 36 -40 pcs/kg. with an average at 38 psc. Of last week's quantity (14.000 MT) 13.000 MT were for consumption purposes. - Mainly delivered in Norway.
The price level has been NOK 2,77 for consumption and NOK 2,48 for meal& oil. By the end of the week the weather was bad, but by Sunday night the wind calmed and the vessels still left resumed their activity.

Atlanto Scandic herring
Last week there were significantly less Norwegian vessels involved in herring fishing, while more foreign vessels joined in. Some 13.200 MT became the total volume of the week, of which 5.300 MT were caught by foreign vessels. On Tuesday the first catch was taken at Halten and the fishing is now performed off Møre.
On Sunday evening good observations were made at the Bua ground.  Average size last week: 305 g paid by NOK 5,05 /kg.

Other species (mackerel, horse mackerel and blue whiting)
Of other species/catches, some mackerel was landed (570 MT) and one catch of horse mackerel (510 MT) - both from foreign vessels.
For the blue whiting one vessel is operating, and on Sunday afternoon/ evening there were good results reported from an area south west of Ireland, as far south as by 50° N, almost 15° W.


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