The course of the Fisheries as per week 6/2013

Published: by Jarle A. Hansen

Herring at Møre and blue whiting west of Ireland. Good catching in the Barents Sea despite closed areas, and at Iceland there was a minor quota increase for the capelin.

Atlanto Scandic herring
Following several foreign vessels participation for herring, the volume increased compared to what was seen the foregoing week. The total reported quantity was 20.400 MT. Of this volume, vessels from Denmark, Ireland and Scotland/Shetland contributed by 9.400 MT.
Except a few catches at Halten, all herring was caught at the well-known spawning areas off Møre from the Bua ground to Svinøy island. The fishermen reported about huge volumes migrating southwards.
The size of the herring is at an even level of 270 -335 g with 313 g as an average. The auction prices are somewhat lower than was previously seen this winter; NOK 4,06 at low end and NOK 5,11 at the best. The average; NOK 4,69
A lower volume is expected reported to the auction the forthcoming week as foreign vessels are about to fulfil their quotas and mainly coastal vessels are now participating from Norwegian side.

Capelin at Iceland
The last vessels to join in last week reported a total of 3.600 MT of capelin.  All catches except one (340 MT) were sold for consumption purposes at prices from NOK 2,55 - 3,09.
Icelandic authorities increased the total quota by 150.000 MT which again gave Norwegian vessels an extra quota of 4.200 MT. This gave room for letting five vessels previously held back to resume catching.
During the weekend the weather was harsh. Hopefully the conditions will improve enabling the vessels to take the remaining quotas. The deadline is set to the 15th of February.

Capelin in the Barents Sea
By quantity it has been a good week in the Barents Sea giving a total of 36.800 MT. Of this quantity as much as 24.800 MT were sold for reduction purposes - the remaining part for consumption.
By beginning of the week the fishing took place some 60 n.m. north of Sletnes (lighthouse). Later in the week the fleet moved south west and by the weekend catches were taken 15 -20 n. m. off North Cape. In addition a minor catch was reported from the Russian zone.  Catches being mixed by cod are a challenge. By Sunday the Directorate expanded the closed areas outside Finnmark.
The prices for consumption purposes have been from NOK 2,00 to NOK 2,85 with an average at NOK 2,30. For reduction purposes the prices have been with at the same levels.  The average for meal& oil; NOK 2,22.
An estimate of the remaining quotas tells that more than half the quota is taken; 62.400 MT of 119.000 MT.
The volumes in the forthcoming week are expected to decrease following less activity and more closed areas.

Blue whiting
By the start stormy weather hampered the activity. When the weather improved, the fishing got on successfully. 5 vessels have reported catching a total of 7.800 MT.
The catching has been performed fairly far south. The fleet has been just a few nautical miles from international waters in an area south of 52° N The blue whiting is migrating further west and is foreseen to be in international waters fairly soon.
The blue whiting has so far been concentrated and the hauls have given high volumes.
The catches are except one, sold for meal&oil purposes to Danish and Norwegian plants at prices between NOK 2,10-2,20.  A buyer in Killybegs bought the catch for consumption purposes.
In the forthcoming week, several vessels will take part west off Ireland.

Ocean sprat
One vessel headed for  the sprat in the southern part of the North Sea. Despite looking for sprat over several days, there was no results and the vessel gave in.

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