The course of the Fisheries as per week 7/2013

Published: by Jarle A. Hansen

The capelin season at Iceland is over, and just moderate activity for the Atlanto Scandic herring, - and the fishing for capelin in the Barents Sea was hampered by cod mixed into the catches.


Capelin at Iceland
By Friday night the capelin season in Icelandic waters was finished for Nw vessels. Following some uncertainties concerning how regulations were to be understood, it was agreed that fishing might be performed until midnight the 15th of Feb. On Tuesday an additional quota was allowed and thus the total quota of this winter's season reached 42.071 MT.  New vessels joined fishing accordingly.  However, weather conditions were a hindrance, and upon the Friday deadline, between thousand and fifteen hundred MT remained.
Last week's total quantity was 4.650 MT. Stormy weather further caused that some of the catches were not suitable for consumption purposes as intended. Last week's average price; NOK 2,63 for consumption and NOK 1,95 for m&o.

Capelin in the Barents Sea
The capelin fishing off Finnmark last week, has been moderate. The main reason is assumed to be the quantity of cod observed in the same areas as where capelin is found, causing problems and closed areas when it comes  to capelin. The activity has been found in an area from Torsvåg in the west and further eastwards to Nordkyn, grid 03-23. By Sunday night the first report from Varanger was received.
The size and maturation is about the same as has been observed further west. As a total, 14.110 MT were registered.  Of this quantity 9.300 MT were sold for consumption purposes, the remaining part for m&o.  Of the total quota of 119.000 MT close to 45.000 MT now remain. Last week's average price; NOK 2,29 for consumption and NOK 2,03 for m&o.
During the weekend the roe maturity reached 18 % and mixed size was from 40 to 47 pcs/kg.

Blue whiting
From the areas west of Ireland,17.500 MT were registered last week. On Sunday there were good conditions both from a meteorological and a catching point of view. As from Thursday catches were reported from international waters and catching took place between 51° an 52° N and 16° and 17° W. Blue whiting has mainly been sold for meal&oil production this winter. Just a few catches are landed in Killybegs for consumption purposes.
The price level for m&o ; NOK 2 - 2,21. Average: NOK 2,10.

Atlanto Scandic herring
The activity for Atlanto Scandic herring has also been fairly low last week. Just 9.500 MT were registered.  Of this quantity close to 5.200 MT were taken by foreign vessels. - The remaining part was caught by the coastal fleet. The catching has taken place in the area near Buagrunnen and Svinøy island  - but some catches also in grid 28-04. The average size is the same as was seen the foregoing week; 312 g, but to some extent mixed by herring of grade 4.
In the forthcoming week, fishing is still expected by some coastal vessels, but probably less deliveries from foreigners. Last part of the week harsh weather hampered fishing, but weather improved by Sunday night.  Hopefully the weather will stay favourable into the forthcoming week . The highest price was NOK 4,81 and the lowest; NOK 3,91. Average:NOK 4,51.

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