The course of the Fisheries as per week 8/2013

Published: by Jarle A. Hansen

A good fishing for blue whiting far south west of Ireland. Difficult on capelin and herring fisheries nearly finished.

Blue whiting
The best week this season resulting in 31.100 MT of blue whiting. Of this quantity 28.200 MT were sold for reduction purposes and the remaining part; 2.900 MT were sold for consumption purposes in Killybegs.
By beginning of the week the weather was good and the vessels were able to fill their tanks fairly quickly. Later the blue whiting moved into the EU zone and the activity became more moderate. The vessels then headed westwards and resumed fishing as far as 17° 40' W. As the weekend approached, stormy weather hampered the fleet, but when again the wind calmed, the fishing was good 10 - 15 n.m. west off the EU borderline at 50° 35' N. This is extraordinary far south west compared to previous years.
The prices have been from NOK 1,89 - 2,10 for m&o, and from NOK 1,86- 2,05 for consumption.
All catches last week were taken in international waters. So far 41.300 MT were caught in these waters. Thus the quantities to be caught in this area are being filled up and the remaining part may be caught in EU waters.
In the forth coming week high activity is still expected.

Capelin in the Barents Sea
Bad weather in addition to several areas being closed due to mixed-in cod, have been hampering fishing last week. As a total 11.100 MT have been registered.
The main fishing has been performed from north of Torsvåg in Troms -and further eastwards off the Finnmark coast to an area north of Magerøy island (the North cape). In addition some trawlers by the beginning of the week, got some catches east of Vardø. On Tuesday a new area was closed south of the Fugløy bank, again raising problems for the vessels. It is very difficult now to find capelin outside the closed areas.
The main part, or some 7.000 MT of capelin have been sold for consumption purposes. Following roe maturation being from 16-21 %, the production is started. The prices for these catches are from NOK 1,80 to 2,33 at the best. The average; NOK 2,11. - For m&o; NOK 1,85 - 1,97.
Of this year's quantity of 119.000 MT, 31.800 remain. Hoping the weather stabilises, the vessels may still get good catches before the roe maturation gets too far.

Atlanto Scandic herring
Just very few vessels are left for the herring and just 2.400 MT were registered last week. Some 10 vessels have been catching in an area from west off Solun in Sogn and northwards to Runde Island at Møre.
The size of the herring is in the range of 260-318 g. Reports tell that the herring has already started spawning in some areas. The prices are from NOK 3,71 - 4,49. The average of the week was NOK 4,28.
In the forthcoming week it is expected low activity from vessels pumping the herring directly on board.
As usual this part of the year, some attention now is paid to whether the herring will migrate into the fjords of Rogaland county enabling herring to be penned-in.

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