The course of the Fisheries as per week 1/2013

Published: by Jarle A. Hansen

Moderate start for the Atlanto Scandic herring and good observations of North Sea herring in the Nw zone - while foreign vessels have started catching mackerel

Atlanto Scandic herring
A moderate start for the Atlanto Scandic herring, just 13.700 MT or 1/3 of last year's volume reaching 39.000 MT during the first week of the year. The coastal fleet has contributed with 11.000 MT, while three purse seine catches of 2.500 MT and 220 MT from trawl were added.
The herring migrating into the fjord of Kvaløya island west of Tromsø last autumn, was also available after the turn of the year, and most of the catches were taken in this area. During the last days, however, fishermen report indications on herring leaving this area. Over the weekend it was reported good observations in an area between Andøya island and the Anda lighthouse, - and Sunday night there was a registration from this area.
The size of the herring in the northern part is from 270-327 g with 313 g as an average. The prices are lower than what was seen during autumn; -auction prices are from NOK 4,28 - 5,19. Compared to last year this is some 70 øre lower.
In the forthcoming week several vessels will participate in the north and attention will be held on whether the herring already has started its migration southwards towards the spawning areas.

North Sea herring
The first vessels left port the very first day of 2013 and already the following day the first catches were reported. As a total so far into the new year, 6.750 MT are registered from 13 vessels.
Without an agreement with the European Union, catching can only be performed in the Nw zone. Good registrations just after Christmas indicate good availability. The fishermen are still reporting good observations from time to time and some catches are already taken. The fishing has been performed just north of 60° N at the Bergenbank and the Vikingbank some 70 n.m. west of Bergen. The herring has, opposite to what was seen last autumn, kept a good distance  - some 20 n.m. to the EU borderline.
The size has been varying from 169 g in the lower end to 207 g at the best, with 185 g as an average. The catches are sold to fileting purposes both in Norway and Denmark at prices from NOK 4,06 - 4,70. The average: NOK 4,24.
Following good availability in the Nw zone and still uncertainties linked to what will be the outcome of the EU negotiations, high activity is also expected in the week ahead.

Three Scottish vessels with a total of 2.600 MT have been landing their catches in Norway pursuant to contracts. The size of the mackerel is in the range of 350 - 410 g and the catches are taken west of Butt of Lewis, the northern peak of the Hebrides.
Several foreign vessels will take part in this fishery in the forthcoming week and some of the catches are expected to be landed in Norway.

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