The course of the Fisheries as per week 2/2013 (1)

Published: by Jarle A. Hansen

48.500 MT was the total of herring caught last week. The coastal fleet goes for Atlanto Scandic herring in the northern areas while purse seiners concentrate on North Sea herring. Foreign vessels are catching mackerel and horse mackerel further west.

Atlanto Scandic herring
Several vessels headed north for the Atlanto Scandic herring and got a total of 33.000 MT. The coastal fleet has been most active taking 24.100 MT of referred volume.
The herring has now started its migration southwards along the coast and the fishing activity has been performed over a rather wide area. In the northern part catching is still being made in the fjords west off Kvaløya island. In the Vesterålen area there has been activity in the Gavfjorden outside Myre and southwest of Bø. Also outside the Lofotodden some good results are seen and on Sunday night activity was registered as far south as south of Røst.
From Møre in the south and northwards to Meløy island the smallest vessels have been catching herring by the size from 190-240 g. Some 400 MT are reported from this area.
Further north the size is from 250 - 338 g with 310 g as an average. The auction prices have been slightly lower than the foregoing week with prices from NOK 4,25 to 5,58, - and with an average of NOK 5,15.
Following the weather forecast indicating still favourable conditions, activity is expected to continue in the forthcoming week.

North Sea herring
There has been high activity for herring in the North Sea resulting in 15.500 MT over the week. In the North Sea it is the purse seiners being most active, taking 10.800 MT of referred volume.
Periodically the herring has been difficult to get and has partly been staying near the sea bottom. When moving, the fishermen have made good observations of fairly great volumes and some good catching has been the result.
Compared to last week the catching activity has moved further south. The main part was taken south west of Oseberg, just north of 60° N. A few catches were also taken at the Alle bank just south of 60° N.
The size of this herring has been of good size; 157 - 201 g with an average of 178 g. The catches are sold to fileting purposes both in Norway and Denmark. Somewhat unusual North Sea herring also was sold to a buyer in northern Norway.  The herring is this part of the year meagre and without stomach content and fairly easy to transport over a longer distance.
The price has been falling slightly since the turn of the year and in the lower end NOK 3,60 was the price. At the best; NOK 4,45 for herring delivered in Denmark.
Some activity is still expected in the forthcoming week, but with prices as observed, some vessels are expected to postpose further fishing, preferring to wait until the second half of the year.

Seven foreign vessels have been delivering their catches in Norway last week, reaching a total of 9.200 MT. The vessels are from Scotland/Shetland and have been fishing west and northwest of the Hebrides. From this area it is reported good observations.
The mackerel is in size between 375-400 g and has been sold according to contracts in Norway. The prices are based on size and quality upon delivery.

In addition "Voyager" has landed 1.200 MT of horse mackerel at Møre. This catch was taken further south, west of the southern part of the Hebrides.

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