The course of the Fisheries as per week 3/2013

Published: by Jarle A. Hansen

High activity on Atlanto Scandic herring, - less on North Sea herring. Good results for foreign vessels on mackerel, and the very first catches of capelin from Iceland are registered. Last week we also got an agreement between Norway and EU on fishing in 2013.

Atlanto Scandic herring
Last week as well, the catching of Atlanto Scandic herring was good even if bad weather for a period was a hindrance. The aggregated volume of the week reached 32.000 MT. The fishing has been performed in an area from waters close to Tromsø and further south to Træna. Over the weekend the fleet has been divided between Myre in Vesterålen and Træna. The size of the herring is as we have been seeing over the last weeks; 307 g as an average. The price varies from NOK 3,31 to 6,05, with an average of NOK 5,22,- a few øre higher than last week.

North Sea herring
The participation for North Sea herring was somewhat more moderate last week, - with some ten or more vessels involved. The total volume came out with 4.400 MT and the catching has been performed near Oseberg. The size is varying from 155 g to 188 g with an average at 170 g. The herring is sold to buyers both in Norway and Denmark at prices from NOK 3,66 to 4,30, - with an average at NOK 3,98.

There are still some foreign vessels landing mackerel to Norwegian buyers. Last week 8.400 MT were registered. The mackerel is caught west and northwest of the Hebrides in grid 43/46-54-63-64. The size is from 379 - 417 g, with an average at 396 g. All catches are sold pursuant to contracts.

Capelin at Iceland
Wednesday last week the two first vessels headed for the Icelandic capelin fields,  and on Saturday we got the first reports: 970 MT were the result, taken from this winter's total quota of 34.511 MT. The catching area was as normal at  this time of the year, east of Langaneset. The size is reported as good; 35 pcs/kg mixed, and the market in Norway is highly interested.

Capelin in the Barents Sea
The first vessels are now also heading for in the Barents Sea, but on Sunday night just one vessel was positioned in the right area for catching. So far no capelin is reported to be observed, and the catching will start today; on Monday 21st of January.

Coastal sprat
Also last week a couple of catches were registered in the Oslofjorden.  A total of 50 MT were reported and is later delivered to both Norwegian and Swedish buyers. The size is from 40 - 45 psc/kg and the sprat is paid by NOK 5,- /kg.

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