The course of the Fisheries as per week 26/2013

Published: by Jarle A. Hansen

The main season for North Sea herring towards an end. In northern Norway the activity follows the migration of the mackerel into new areas further north. Some improvement for the Norway pout catching southwest of Egersund.

North Sea herring
As expected, last week came out with a lower volume. As a total 11.100 MT were registered from 34 different vessels. There has been a stable fishing with daily volumes from 830 MT in the lower end to 2.300 MT as the best the very first day of last week.
The fleet has been devided between two fields and for different purposes. In the northern field, west of Oseberg, the fleet has been fishing herring of size 200 g + for fileting purposes, while further south the vessels have been catching in both Nw and EU waters (near 57°N 30') for matjes purposes.  The size has varied from 127 - 189 g, - the smallest herring being caught in the southern and western end of the EU zone.
The prices for filet purposes have been just a few øre above the minimum price of NOK 4,20. In Egersund and Skagen - at the displayed auction, the prices have been changing from NOK 4,20 to 7,07, with an average at NOK 5,69.
As previously told, the matjes season has been postponed this year due to the late spring. The buyers are still reporting their interest for more matjes quality - at least towards the end of this week. For filet production several processors now are closing, starting their vacation period. Some of the matjes buyers though indicate some interest for filet production to follow the closing of the matjes season.
From a quota point of view, the volume caught is now close to 100.000 MT of an allowed total of 145.033 MT. 64.000 MT are caught in June, and we have to go back to 2006 to find a higher volume in the month of June.
Still lower activity is expected this forthcoming week.

Also for the mackerel there has been lower activity last week. As total, close to 1.800 MT are taken, mainly in northern Norway.
The mackerel in the Vestfjord area is marginally smaller now; 375 - 500 g. The average size is 432 g. and the average price: NOK 6,64.
The mackerel from areas further north outside Troms county has been somewhat better sized; 454 g. The price here are between NOK 8,50 - 9,02 with an average at NOK 8,75.

Norway pout and blue whiting
Trawlers in the North Sea have seen better results last week. Southwest of Egersund, the fishing for Norway pout gave 1.700 MT, and blue whiting is registered with 360 MT. These catches are delivered for meal&oil purposes in Norway at a price of NOK 1,95.
Following more vessels to join and higher activity, even higher volumes are expected in the forthcoming week.

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