The course of the Fisheries as per week 22/2013

Published: by Jarle A. Hansen

Several catches of North Sea herring, but no matjes quality. The sand eel fishing was not at its best last week - and up north the coastal vessels are still waiting for the mackerel to appear closer to coast.



North Sea herring
Following the late spring and low sea temperatures, the North Sea herring fishery finally got started last week giving a total of 7.400 MT. The good news is that there has been several observations in the Nw zone and 6.800 MT were caught here.  The size of the herring was 200 g taken west off Hordaland and Sogn counties. Further off, from the Utsira Ground and north of the Patch Bank - and further west of Oseberg, the fleet has been catching herring between 150 and 187 g. In the EU zone the fishing has taken place just south of the Forty Mile Ground.
As the fat content of the herring so far has been too low to produce matjes quality, the herring has been sold for fileting purposes both in Norway and Denmark. The price has been close to the minimum price; NOK 4,20 with NOK 4,61 at the very best.
On Sunday the first vessel, "Trønderbas", headed for the display auction in Egersund with 210 MT on board, hoping for matjes quality. The herring was caught in the EU zone, but unfortunately neither this herring was fat enough to be accepted.
In the forth coming week even more vessels are expected to participate . Hopefully the fat content will improve. Thus the capacity both for fileting and matjes production can be utilised.

Sand eel
Last week's total came out marginally better than the previous week; - 10.400 MT registered. The main part - or 6.750 MT were caught in the EU zone, while the remaining quantity was taken in Nw zone.
In the EU waters the activity has been concentrated to Dogger. In this area there is also fishing operations carried out by Swedish and Danish vessels.  The catching has been uneven,-  but fairly good some single days.
From Nw zone (the West Bank) it is reported a modest fishery in a limited area. Just a few times there has been good hauls.  By the end of the week the fishing was so bad that several vessels finished their activity.
All volumes have been sold for meal&oil purposes at prices between NOK 2,05 and 2,34.
Of the allocated quotas, 18.700 MT have been caught in the EU zone (of 22.450 MT). In the Nw zone it is quite different; 5.300 MT taken of a total quota set to 20.000 MT.
In the forthcoming week it is expected that still some vessels will participate at Dogger. In the Nw zone they still anticipate higher temperatures and better observation.

From the coast/fjord areas from Sogn to Rogaland counties 80 MT mackerel have been reported penned-in. This is relatively good sized fish being sold as fresh catch. The prices are from the minimum of NOK 15,-  to 16,50 at the best.
Some vessels are also heading north. So far only 6 MT have been reported on Sunday from a local vessel in North Trøndelag county. It is observed mackerel off the coast from Nordmøre to Nordland, and hopefully the fish shortly will migrate closer to coast being more available for the vessels.

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