The course of the Fisheries as per week 23/2013

Published: by Jarle A. Hansen

North Sea herring catches well off, but no matjes quality yet. The mackerel fishing in the north is started while the catching of sand eel is bad except for those having been testing conditions at Klondyke where the results were good.

North Sea herring
11.500 MT came out as the result of last week North Sea herring fisheries.  The catches have varied from 200 MT to 4.350 MT per day and while it periodically has been observed good gathering of the fish and thus easier catching, other days have proved difficult with just moderate registrations.  The fleet has been searching over huge areas from the Viking Bank in the north to south east of Shetland and even further south to the Ling Bank (Sleipner A - Statpipe).
The chase for the "right" matjes herring has so far been no success as the fat content is still too low. Just a few catches have been sold in Denmark and Egersund. There is no significant price difference between matjes and the quality meant for ordinary fileting. Hopefully this will change shortly.
The price level for filet is from NOK 4,20 to 4,75 and buyers are found from Harøysund to Skagen and further west to Peterhead and Leirwick

Last week the mackerel catching started up north. So far the fishing is still moderate with 650 MT as a total. The fishing is in area from Meløy Island to Steigen and also the Vestfjorden. The size is 480 g as an average.
Also further south, in Trøndelag, there have been some catches - mainly fish being penned-in.
As a grand total 950 MT mackerel were caught last week.

Sand eel
Last week's total came out with close to 4.000 MT and it is vessels participating in test catching in banned areas which had the best yield.  From the area at English Klondyke it has been reported of good fishing and the catches are taken in a short time.  - Of other industrial species just a small volume of Norway pout has been reported.

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