The course of the Fisheries as per week 24/2013

Published: by Jarle A. Hansen

Very good conditions for the North Sea herring last week, and in the northern waters the mackerel "hit"

North Sea herring
This season's best week so far with 19.000 MT registered. By the beginning of the week the fishing was somewhat hampered by strong northerly winds, but as the wind calmed and later turned southerly the fishing improved and as much as 11.800  MT were registered by mid-week. Thursday was the very best day with 4.750 MT alone. However, with these volumes in a short time, there was high pressure on capacities and one catch had to be sold for reduction.
The main activity has been in the Nw zone and ¾ of last week's quantity was taken there. The fleet has been divided between two areas with 200 g fish west of Oseberg and 175-195 g fish near the Utsira Ground.
In the EU zone the size has varied from field to field.
It has been a challenge to get matjes quality - both size and fat content taken into consideration.  The first catches were sold after being displayed by the beginning of the week, but just a few catches were sold and produced for matjes purposes. Best price; NOK 6,78. - For filet, the prices have been close to the minimum; NOK 4,20 and  NOK 4,70 at the best.

Finally there was good catching of mackerel in northern waters and as a grand total 3.150 MT were registered, - of which 3.050 MT were taken up north. The size has varied  from 394 -507 g. The average was 469 g and this is about the same as we saw last year during the same week. The average then was 475 g.
Also prices have varied; from NOK 6,25 for fish to be penned-in and NOK 9,15 as the highest  for direct delivery. Average for penned-in fish; NOK 6,82, and NOK 7,94 for direct delivery. - The  prices are somewhat lower than was seen last year. The quality is though estimated as good even if the fat content could have been better.
High activity is still expected in the forthcoming week.

Atlanto Scandic herring
The vessels chasing the mackerel found some spots of Atlanto Scandic herring in the Moskenes area. As a total 400 MT were taken, and the size was good; 370 g as an average. Some individuals reached ½ a kilo. 

Sand eel/Norway pout/Blue whiting
The trawler fleet caught just modest  quantities last week and for all species the outcome was 2.100 MT. The catches are sold to Nw plants and the price has been in the range from NOK 1,95-2,29.

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