The course of the Fisheries as per week 25/2013

Published: by Jarle A. Hansen

Another good week for the North Sea herring, and also for mackerel in the north

North Sea herring
Last week's quantity amounted to 20.800 MT, and if not a record, we at least have to go far back in years to find similar volumes for one single week. The catching has been over a vast area from the Viking Bank/Oseberg in north and southwards towards the Ling Bank/Statpipe and further west to Fladen and the Forties field. Some catches are also taken just east of Shetland. The size near Viking is mainly fish of 200 g +, but further south smaller; 143 -.180 g.
Last week gave also good results for matjes; almost 5.400 MT delivered both in Egersund and Skagen. The herring price has been at an average of NOK 6,01, but varies from NOK 4,30 o 6,75. Best prices indicate matjes purposes. Overall average; NOK 4,42.

Also the catching of mackerel has been good, 3.800 MT are registered. The size has been from 430 g to 468 g and prices were between NOK 8,50 and 9,05. - The average ; NOK 8,90. It has been reports of observing mackerel fairly far north.

Atlanto Scandic herring
The volumes of Atlanto Scandic herring have been modest last week, just 80 MT were registered. The size has been between 310 - 360 g, and prices were from NOK 4,20 to 4,40.

Industrial species
Also the industrial species came up with a modest result last week; 300 MT of blue whiting, 500 MT of sand eel and 1.300 MT of Norway pout. 7 vessels have been chasing Norway pout and blue whiting, while two vessels have been looking for sand eel at the West bank.

In the fort coming week it is still expected good catches of North Sea herring both for filet and matjes purposes. The display auction in Egersund will continue for another week.
In the north several vessels are finishing their quotas of mackerel, but those still having some quota left are hoping for a new good week. Also some expectations are linked to how fishing will develop in the northernmost part of Troms and whether more vessels will join in.

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