The course of the Fisheries as per week 10/2013

Published: by Jarle A. Hansen

Another good week for the blue whiting - the capelin season in the Barents Sea towards an end -and just a moderate yield for the Atlanto Scandic herring in Rogaland County.


Blue whiting
Again a very good week for the blue whiting and most vessels have been able to get their loads in a short time. Last week's quantity reached almost 29.000 MT. Of this quantity 9.300 MT were registered for consumption purposes and delivered in Killybegs, while the remaining part was delivered in Norway and Denmark for meal&oil purposes.
Last week the fishing was again performed north and north east of the Porcupine Bank. The size of the fish meant for consumption varied from 140 -220 g. The price level was from NOK 1,94 - NOK 2,14 with an average at NOK 2,07. For meal&oil the price level in Norway has been NOK 1,94 while in Denmark the price has been 10 øre higher. 63.070 MT is now  left of the total quota.

Capelin in the Barents Sea
Following the fact that the capelin season is close to be finished, the quantities registered were modest last week.  - Just some 9.100 MT were reported for sale. Weather conditions have however, caused the fishing to take some time, and swift changes in weather resulted also in damages to both vessels and equipment.  Last week's prices for consumption were from NOK 1,80 to 2,03 (average: NOK 1,95). For m&o the prices were from NOK 1,55 to 1,88 (average; NOK 1,80). The last catches are expected to be taken in a couple of days.

Atlanto Scandic herring
The season is at its best closing, - or more likely already finished.
Most of the herring has now finished spawning.

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