The course of the fisheries as per week 11/2013

Published: by Roar Bjånesøy

In his summary of the previous week, the sales manager at Norges Sildesalgslag reports of a declining fishery for blue whiting  and that the harvesting of capelin in the Barents Sea is over for this season.

Capelin ( from the Barents Sea)

On Monday the 11th of March, this years' capelin quota for trawlers and coastal vesses was deemed caught and the fishery was stopped by by the fishing authorities.

The quota for the coastal vessels has been adjustet upwards twice this season due to the fact that vessels elligible for participation has not been active in the capelin fishery. The last hike for the remaining vessels prompted several of them to take one last trip out to the fishing grounds.

Together with the vessels already in activity the coastal vessels reported 2 600 tonnes capelin on the last catching day, bringing the total of the week up to 4 500 tonnes. The last 2 000 tonnes were mostely from purse seiners that are producing their own capelin products onboard.

By the end of the week, the quota overview showed an excess of 1 900 tonns caught , where 1 250 tonnes were from the coastal vessels' quota. The price level this week mirrored the previous weeks and even a little more "competition" in the auctions for the last catched did not push prices up noticably.

If we look at the capelin prices for the season, the average price is NOK 2,22 for consumption catches and NOK 2,20 for delivering for fishmeal and fishoil. Season high from the auction was NOK 2,85 for consumption and NOK 2,63 for fishmeal/oil. However, these prices are from the auction and could be adjustet at a later stage due to regulations.

Blue whiting

Fewer vessels have been participating in the fishery for blue whiting this week and subsequently we have had fewer landings. Just above 15 000 tonnes were reported in, where 8 600 tonnes went for fishemeal/oil production and 6 400 tonnes for human consumption. Of the 16 vessels participating this week, 5 of them are now finished with their quotas for the year.

The fishery has been going on further north this week, at the end of the week the catches were reported in from the area north of 55 degreee N and 13.14 degrees West, in fishing area 4711.

The prices for human consumption landings has been at the same level as last week, but for fishmeal/oil landings they went up to NOK 2,01 against last weeks' NOK 1,98.

St. Patrick day was celebrated in Ireland this weekend, meaning the production at the factories in Killybegs halted for the weekend and will probably not get fully back on line until monday, say reports for the Irish buyers.

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