The course of the Fisheries as per week 9/2013

Published: by Jarle A. Hansen

A very good fishing for blue whiting - moderate for capelin in the Barents Sea - in the southern part; first catches of Atlanto Scandic herring are taken in Rogaland county.

Blue whiting
Last week's quantity reached almost 41.000 MT and we have to go far back in time to find a similar good week. First part of the week the fishing took place south west of Ireland, as far as 51° N and 15-16° W. Later the fleet  observed fish further north; west of Porcupine - and even later, still further north of 54° N 13-14°W.
The interest for consumption purposes has increased and several catches were delivered in Killybegs. The size is also improving with an average of 200 g, which was stimulating the interest.
Of the week's quantity 35.000 MT are sold for meal&oil at an average price of NOK 1,97 and 6.000 MT were sold for consumption purposes - at an average price of NOK 1,99.

Capelin in the Barents Sea
The capelin fishing at the Coast of Finnmark County has again been hampered several days by bad weather, but on days when the fleet was able to operate, the catching amounted to close to 20.000 MT. It is mainly in two areas the fishing has been performed, - one west off Arnøya Island in northern Troms county, and one east of Honningsvåg in Finnmark.
In addition a couple of catches are reported from an area in the vicinity of Vardø town - and some west off the North Cape.
Some 6.500 MT were sold for m&o, while 13.000 MT were sold for consumption. Prices; NOK 1,85 for m&o and NOK 1,97 for consumption.
The roe maturity is now between 21 and 23 %. Thus in the forthcoming week the roe production will be at "high speed". Simultaneously it is not unlikely that this will be the last opportunity for roe production if no further capelin is observed shortly.

Atlanto Scandic herring
As expected the catching of Atlanto Scandic herring was reduced last week, while the first catches were taken in the area of Karmøy Island and Bokn in Rogaland. As a total 4.000 MT are reported.  Still some attention is paid to whether the herring will migrate further into the fjords of Rogaland enabling the local fleet to get hold of the herring or whether it is just passing by while migrating along the coast.

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