The course of the Fisheries as per week 21/2013

Published: by Jarle A. Hansen

The North Sea herring season has started, but so far no herring of matjes quality.
Better results for the sand eel in the EU zone, not that good in the Nw zone. -  Penning-in mackerel in progress.

Sand eel
Last week some 10.000 MT of sand eel were reported; 8.875 MT from the EU zone and 1.190 from the Norwegian part. The best fishing was at Dogger, and even better during the last part of the week. The fleet is operating in an area close to the West bank and further north west towards Outer Shoal.
In addition 600 MT of other industrial species have been caught, mainly Norway pout.


North Sea herring
Last week the first vessels started their season for North Sea herring and the first catches taken by high sea vessels were reported on 20th May. As a total 1.900 MT were registered. The fishing started west of Frigg in the EU zone and later in the week further towards south east, west of Balder in the Nw zone. The size varies from 145 g to 165 g with an average at 155 g. Data from the first catch indicate a fat percentage in the filet of 8,8 % which is too low to qualify for matjes production.  On Saturday the first vessel headed for Denmark aiming at the Danish matjes auction.
Also along the Norwegian coast some North Sea herring has been caught. From an area west of Florø a coastal vessel has taken two catches accumulating to 160 MT, and further south in Hordaland, some ten catches have been penned-in totalling 120 MT.  The size is somewhat better along the coast; from 190 -230 g, with an average of 208 g. In the forth coming week the fat content will hopefully improve initiating the matjes auction in Egersund. The price level is close to the minimum price; NOK 4,20 or just above.


Penned-in mackerel
The fishing for penning-in mackerel improved last week and 80 MT were penned -in.  The catching is limited to the west coast. No catches are so far reported from Northern Norway, but the expectations are high. As for nature in general this year; the spring is, however delayed.

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