The course of the fisheries as per week 44

Published: by Ann-Kristin Kristoffersen

This weeks fishery resulted in a record catch of Norway pout in the EU-zone.
A great effort in the fishing after  horse mackerel gave poor results .
The fishing after North Sea herring has been very good during this week.

This weeks fishery  after herring resulted in 23,500 tonnes. This quantity is divides to purse seiners contributing 15,000 tonnes,  and 5,600 tonnes of coastal vessels and  1.900 tonnes from trawlers.
The sizes of herring is still large with a total average of 355 grams. There are also beeing caught herring of good size outside Troms.

This weeks pricelevel has been higher than last week, with prices ranging from NOK 4.96 as the lowest up to NOK 5.93 as the highest auction price. The average week price is NOK 5.43.

Just av few boats participated in the mackerel fishery last week resulting in a weekly total of 3,300 tonnes.
Of this quantity the Danish trawler " Ruth" contributed 3,000 tonnes.
The mackerel is caught south and west of Shetland.

The fishing after horse mackerel on the southwest of Egersund in the first part of the week , and later in the week around Patch Bank at N 59 ° resulted in 2,600 tonnes. 36 boats have contributed to this volume and the largest single catch was 170 tonnes.

After the increase in the quota in the EU zone for Norwau pout last week,  a handful of boats went fishing on the Fladen Ground . It is reported very good fishery , and 2 boats have reported 1,600 tonnes where Johan Feyer alone has over 1,000 tonnes. This is the biggest catch of the Norway pout from a Norwegian boat.

With the good fishing in the EU zone , our salesdepratement expects more boats taking part in this fishery in the week to come.

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