The course of the Fisheries as per week 45/2013

Published: by Jarle A. Hansen

A good week for the Atlanto Scandic herring, and another good week for North Sea herring - but scarcely with "horse".

Atlanto Scandic herring
Last week close to 35.000 MT were registered. For the purse seiners the fishing has been performed in two areas; one some 80 n.m. west and NW of Skomvær following the herring northwards, and another area some 100 n.m. NW of Torsvåg.
The best catches were found in the southernmost area; more than 27.000 MT - and 8.000 MT from the northern part. The size in the southern part is as an average 350 g, and further north; 347 g. From day to day the catches are varying from 2.300 MT to 7.400 MT. Also prices are varying from NOK 5,03 to 5,46 with an average at NOK 5,25.
Fishing is also carried out along the coast from Fosnavåg in the south to Sortland further north. The herring closer to coast is smaller; from 215 to 335 g with an average at 260 g. The prices achieved for this herring is not the same as for the larger sized; the average was NOK 3,73.

North Sea herring
Close to 11.000 MT North Sea herring were registered last week. The catching has been performed over huge areas from grid 4150, SW of Devils Hole and northwards beyond Fladen and further on to grid 4234, SW of Balder. The size varies from 160 g to 250 g with an average at 220 g.
The prices are stable; NOK 3,75 as an average. One catch is taken closer to the coast, 30 MT; size 260 g.

Horse mackerel
Even following high participation with 20-30 vessels at the field, just small quantities are the result. Some 300 MT are registered through 54 catches from 13 to 180 MT. The price level is between NOK 7,20 to 10,11 with an average at NOK 8,15. During the forthcoming week there will be a full moon again - representing new hopes!

Industrial species
Of industrial species 1.400 MT of Norway pout were reported last week. In addition there was a modest volume of blue whiting, horse mackerel and North Sea herring. The Norway pout was mainly taken at Fladen in the EU zone, grid 4223.

Coastal sprat
Just one catch was reported last week. Some 20 MT were caught in the Oslo Fjord and sold to Sweden.
On Friday there were some new adjustments linked to delivering coastal sprat  for canning, which might be helpful to further catching.

Other species
There is also delivered  one catch of mackerel; 310 MT.
There is also one vessel at the field for ocean sprat. Preliminary reporting tells there is 250 MT on board, but conditions are not the best.

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