The course of the Fisheries as per week 47/2013

Published: by Jarle A. Hansen

A lot of herring observed in the fjords outside Troms County, but by end of the week, weather hampered the catching. -  High activity for North Sea herring and Norway pout.

Atlanto Scandic herring
In the northern areas the weather effectively hampered the herring activity, both for vessels close to the coast and larger vessels off shore. The grand total of the week came out with 21.000 MT and of this quantity 10.000 MT were taken north west of the "Lofotodden" and 9.700 MT were caught in the fjords outside Kvaløy island and Ringvassøy island. In addition some hundred tonnes are taken at other coast-close waters from Stadt and northwards to Vikna. Again we see a difference in size between herring caught closer to the coast and herring from open sea; from 316 - 340 g and further south even smaller; 240 g. Despite the size being stable, the prices are not. Last week the price varied from NOK 3,35 to 5,58 with an average at NOK  5,- .
Of this year's quota 74.000 MT remain, including the flexible option.

North Sea herring
Last week some 7-800 MT of North Sea herring were caught, and all types of vessels were taking part. The size was differing from 160 g to 320 g and some trouble has occurred when it comes to selling herring below 220 g. Two vessels had to deliver this type of catch for meal&oil purposes. However, by the end of the week also this smaller sized herring was sold for consumption.  In the far most south area where catching has been performed, grid 4101-10, just north east of Hull, the size has been from 220 - 235 g, while further north, in grid 4232-33, the size was 200 g or smaller. In grid 42-43 still further north, the size was from 200 g and above. The price had an average of NOK 3,75 for consumption purposes and NOK 2,04 for meal&oil. The remaining quota is 6.600 MT and 8-9- vessels have still some quota left.

Ocean sprat
For ocean sprat, we saw another week of no particular positive news. The fleet returned mainly without  any catches. The vessels having some success, reported from 10 -190 MT, totalling 360 MT being delivered for reduction purposes.  As a result just 1.500 MT now are caught of this year's quota of 10.000 MT.

Coastal sprat
Also last week some catches were taken in the Oslo Fjord, amounting to 75 MT. And again the sprat has been delivered to Sweden. The size has been from 33-36 pcs/kg. From other areas nothing has been reported.

Industrial species
Approx. ten vessels are in operation looking for Norway pout in the EU zone. The catching is performed at Fladen and is paid by NOK 1,60/kg.

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