The course of the Fisheries as per week 40/2013

Published: by Jarle A. Hansen

The catching of mackerel experiences difficulties this autumn, and especially the better sized fish has been absent. In addition the weather has not been a "teammate" so far. On the other hand; the catching of Norway pout has improved in the EU zone.

As grand total last week, 29.000 MT were registered of which the main part was registered during three days. Of this volume 1.325 MT were caught by a foreign vessel having a delivery contract with a Norwegian buyer.
On Tuesday more than 10.000 MT were registered, the fishing was then mainly carried out in the Nw zone as far north as between 61°N 30' and 62°N, in grids 2854-2812. Some catches even further north in grid 3004. On Thursday and Friday there was no catching as the winds were far too harsh.
By the end of the week the fleet moved southwards, and on Saturday, also being a day with more than 10.000 MT, the catching was performed at Bergen bank, grid 0855, the Frigg-Heimdal area. On Sunday some vessels moved further on into the EU zone, into area 25-30 n. miles southeast of Fair Isle. In this area some good catches were taken, with a size somewhat better than in the Nw zone. But again, sizes were varying from haul to haul; from 325 g to 413 g at the best.
The size of the mackerel this autumn is smaller than usual and last week the average was 353 g. - 295 g in the low end and 414 g at the best. Prices; from NOK 7,-  to 12,07 with an average at NOK 9,61.

Atlanto Scandic herring
For the Atlanto Scandic herring it has been a quiet week. 580 MT was the entire volume reported, of which 450 MT came from a Russian on-board producer temporarily storing the herring in Hammerfest.  It is reported to be one vessel searching in the far south end of the "Loop Sea", close to the border line of the Faroe Isles and Nw zone, and with some success. Very likely there will be a registered catch during Monday.
At the coast, some catches have been reported from the Møre area.

Industrial fishing
Industrial fishing has reported 2.400 MT of Norway pout last week, - 2.000 MT from grid 4223 in the EU zone and 400 MT from an area into the Nw zone.

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