The course of the Fisheries as per week 41/2013

Published: by Jarle A. Hansen

This season's best week for mackerel, a good start for the Atlanto Scandic herring, some North Sea herring and some catches of Norway pout. This summarizes week no. 41.

Last week's total volume of some 40.000 MT indicates a very high activity and several good catches. Of this quantity purse seiner represented 29.500 MT, smaller vessels 300 MT - and trawlers 1500 MT. Foreign vessels registered as much as 4.800 MT. The week started with a very good catching on Monday. More than 11.000 MT were taken this very day. The main part was caught in the EU zone, grid 4232, southeast of Fair Isle. Later during the week, the fish migrated towards Shetland and in periods there was catching close to the 12 miles zone. The size was then smaller, as on Monday the average was 363 g, while all together on Friday the average was 340 g. The price level of the week was from NOK 7,43 - NOK 11,49, with an average at NOK 9,62. It remains to be seen if the fish also this year moves inside the border lines of Shetland. In case it will not be available for the Nw vessels until it again appears on the west side of the islands.

Atlanto Scandic herring
Last week the fishing for Atlanto Scandic herring got started at high seas. One vessel was searching in the same area as the Greenland vessel previously got herring a fortnight ago, which fell luckily out. The vessel "Vea" got 600 MT just inside the Nw zone, in the zone's far tip close to international waters in the "Loop Sea". In fact it was in this very same area the fishing got started also last year, - though a bit further south. The size is good; 365 -385 g. Nearly 30 vessels have been in activity during the week and as much as 18.000 MT were registered and catches delivered from Tromsø in the north to Egersund in the south. Later during the week - as participation increased, some catches also were taken in the southern "tip" of the Loop Sea and further east into the Nw zone.
At the coast just smaller catches are registered in the area near Fosnavåg, amounting to 100 MT. The price level has been from NOK 5,31 to 6,51, with an average of NOK 5,84.

North Sea herring
Just a few catches of North Sea herring last week, one trawl catch of 290 MT from "Fladen" and one coastal catch of 65 MT in the Lista area. In addition one smaller catch from the Måløy area was sold for reduction purposes. Two foreign trawlers have also registered some herring mixed into their mackerel catches.
As the fleet are fulfilling their mackerel quotas, it is expected to be a more intensive catching of North Sea herring, though presumably a growing horse mackerel "fever" is also coming up. Maybe some will try their luck by the full moon at the end of the week.

Norway pout/industrial fishing
In the industrial fishing for Norway pout, 1.100 MT were taken. - In addition some 100 MT of horse mackerel being mixed in fish. 700 MT were taken in the EU zone, grid 4223, while the remaining part was taken in the Nw zone.


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