The course of the Fisheries as per week 43/2013

Published: by Jarle A. Hansen

A good week for the Atlanto Scandic herring, still some mackerel and some North Sea herring, but not very much seen of industrial species. Neither any good catches of horse mackerel are observed even if it is reported from the fields that some vessels got catches.

Atlanto Scandic herring
The catching of Atlanto Scandic herring had a successful week even if the weather was not at its best all the time. Close to 42.000 MT were registered, which is the highest volume from one single week this season, in fact also the entire year taken into account. It is mainly in the southern part catching is performed and the fleet has followed the herring from an area just north of the Faroese border and northwards where the catching now is carried on, some 170 n.m. southwest of Skomvær. The size is good; 365 g as an average. - Also further north Atlanto Scandic herring has been caught by Norwegian vessel. Also in these waters the size is good, 355 g as an average. The prices fell significantly last week, NOK 4,87 as the lowest and NOK 6,16 at the best. The average price: NOK 5,24.
Along the coast the activity is more modest.  The size of the herring caught closer to shore; 250 g.

Even if the season is getting towards an end, some mackerel is still delivered to Norwegian industry. Almost 15.000 MT are reported and the foreign share of this is 9.000 MT. The Norwegian vessels have been fishing south and southwest of Shetland, while the foreign vessels have been operating in several areas around the islands. The mackerel taken by Nw vessels are somewhat smaller than what is caught by the foreigners; an average of 326 g compared to 371 g. The prices vary from NOK 6,83 to NOK 9,64 with an average of NOK 8,59. Of the Nw quota there is just a tiny part left.

North Sea herring
As concerns the North Sea herring some 2.900 MT were registered last week. 375 MT of this quantity were delivered by a foreign vessel. The herring is mainly taken in the Forties area, grid 4205-06, and both purse seiners and trawlers have been participating. It is also caught some herring at Fladen and one catch is reported from Skagerrak. The size vary from 175 -246 g with an average at 203 g. The price varies from NOK 3,06 for catches mixed with small fish to NOK 4,10 at the best. The average: NOK 3,74.

Coastal sprat
Last week it was registered 60 MT of coastal sprat and close to everything came from the Sogne fjord. Three equipped vessels have been operating. The sprat has been of modest size; 120-130 psc/kg delivered to King Oscar. In addition to sprat from the Sogne fjord, larger sized sprat has been caught in the outer Oslo fjord. This sprat was delivered to a buyer in Sweden.

Industrial species
Just 300 MT of industrial species were reported last week, of which 200 MT was Norway pout. The remaining part was horse mackerel and blue whiting.

Horse mackerel
Following numerous vessels chasing the horse mackerel last week - without success, several vessels have now left the field and are heading for alternative species. However, some are also staying behind and reports are received telling that a few vessels are now getting this long hoped for fish. But so far no catches are registered. Next week we shall have a new moon  - and maybe then….

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