Course of the fisheries week 35

Published: by Roar Bjånesøy

The first purse seiner is out looking for mackerel, some mackerel are being penned at the southern coast while the angling for mackerel goes well, but will small size fish. Foreign vessels are delivering North Sea herring, we have some Norwegian spring herring in the north and fish for fishmeal/fishoil purposes from the trawler fleet.


A new mackerel season is soon underway and there is general excitement as to where the mackerel will be found and what size it will be. As far as Sildelaget knows, only one vessel has left to look for mackerel and up to Sunday night there is no report of catchable quantities. During the next few days more vessels are expected to participate in looking for mackerel.

On the coastal areas in southern Norway, mackerel is being cought by net and put in pens. Around 570 tonnes were reported caught this week. The average size is small, much of it under 200 grams each. Still, many of the catched have been bought for freezing so the buyers have found a market niche for the smaller fish.

Some vessels are also out angling for mackerel in these waters and the catches have been good. The mackerel here is also quite small close to shore, but further out mackerel around 350 grams have been caught. However, bad weather has prevented the fleet  from venturing further out on some days.

In the north, around Lofoten, mackerel has also been registered and angler vessels have been heading out. From today, monday, the factory on Værøy will be open to receive makerel landings. This is a new kind of fishery in the northern waters.

North Sea herring

Thsi week has also seen landing of North Sea herring from foreign vessels to Norwegian buyers. 13 catched totalling 7 780 tonnes have been reported in, all on contracts between vessels and factories. The catches are made in the areas norht and south of Fair Isle and in an area West and Northwest of the Orkney Isles, between 4 and 5 degrees west. Is is expected that this fishery will continue the coming weeks.

Norwegian Spring herring

In the north 260 tonns have caught, all except one catch have been penned. Bad weather hampered fishery in the beginning of the week, but from Friday on things got better. The catch areas are around Vestvågøy in Lofoten and Bø/Hadsel in Vesterålen. The average size is only 270 to 312 grams and price levels are at minimum prices.

Other consumption fisheries

45 tonnes horsemackerel was caught outside Bremanger south of Måløy. The average size was 290 grams.
In Sognefjorden vessels have been looking for sprat, but nothing has bben reported found. Also in Nordfjord a vessels was looking for sprat, but lots of small fish was mixed in the test catches. There is hope the small and larger fish will separate later in the fall and a sprat fishery can be done in Nordfjord.

Industrial fishery

This week also had some reported catches of Norwegian pout. A total of 1 530 tonnes were landed. In addition the vessels have landed 230 tonnes of blue whiting and 255 tonnes horsemackerel. The price level of catches for fish oil and fishmeal is NOK 1,95 per kilo.


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