The course of the fisheries as per week 13/2014

Published: by Ann-Kristin Kristoffersen

A very good week of blue whiting fishery. Also good catches of capelin later in the week, and finally the last signatures in place so that the fleet could exploit blue whiting quotas where blue whiting in the EU fishery zone.

In Week 13 the toalt  blue whiting fishery switched to full with nearly 57,500 tons caught.

The good fishery  has lead to a a little latency for delivery to meal and oil production, both in Norway and Denmark.

The fishing has taken place at Porcupine Bank and north to the High North. Thursday we received notice from the buyer in Peterhead that also there was interest for blue whiting for human consumption.

Price levels are as earlier weeks of consumption from   1.63 NOK   up to 1.83 per kilogram.
Upcoming week is expected that fishing activity moves further north to St. Kildafeltet and it gets bigger participation from industrial trawlers.

In week 13 there har only been two vessels in the capeling fishery. The winter fishing of Barents Sea capelin  is finallly over. The one catch was a purse seine catch of 850 tonnes the other a coastal boat of 60 tons.

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