The course of the Fisheries as per week 14/2014

Published: by Jarle A. Hansen

Another successful week for the blue whiting and close to 55.700 MT registered. Also a few catches of penned-in horse mackerel during week 14 - the sales department reports.

Blue whiting
Last week was again giving good results for the blue whiting; close to 55.700 MT were registered.  The main part has of course been sold for meal&oil purposes, while close to 3.000 MT were landed for consumption purposes in Killybegs.  The catching has been performed over an extended area from the northern edge of Porcupine to St. Kilda. Catches have been registered in an area from grid 48-30/31 starting at 54° N, 12-14° W in the south to grid 43-46 just west of St. Kilda. During the last part of the week all catches were reported from St. Kilda.
But good catches have the drawback of pushing the limits of capacity at the buyer's plants both in Norway and Denmark. All capacity was thus utilised and the consequence for the vessels is waiting time, - as much as 96 hrs. at the most.
The prices have tended down following the fact that normally blue whiting will get lower prices in April compared to March. The week's average was NOK 1,44 being 3 øre less than the foregoing week. For consumption the prices varied from NOK 1,64 to 1,78 with an average at NOK 1,72. The average size of the fish was from 115 - 40 g.

Horse mackerel
A few catches of horse mackerel were taken last week, and the fish has mainly been penned-in. The catches varied from 12 to 30 MT, totalling 150 MT. The average size is from 490-600 g and the fish has been paid at NOK 5,50. The catching area is close to the south-western coast of Norway.

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