The course of the Fisheries as per week 5/2014

Published: by Jarle A. Hansen

Peak high registration of foreign mackerel, less activity for the Atlanto Scandic herring and the capelin is conspicuously absent both in the north and in the west.

Atlanto Scandic herring
Last week's volume of Atlanto Scandic herring was 10.500 MT indicating that the fishing activity is constantly declining, - but also due to bad weather. The operations have moved southwards and just before the weekend the herring was found at well-known spawning places as the Bua Ground, moving continuously south along the coast of Møre. Still some catching has taken place off Vesterålen which means that there is still herring left up north. From these areas some 1.300 MT were registered, while the remaining part was reported from Smøla Island and further south. The size is stable with an average at 321 g. Price vice it has been an increase over the last weeks and last week as well, the level was at NOK 5,31. In the lower end the auction price was NOK 4,50 and at the best; NOK 5,95.
The buyers are to be found from Verøy Island in the north to Denmark in the south. In the forthcoming week it is expected that the coastal vessels awaiting their opportunities will start catching when the herring arrives at Møre. However, the aggregated volume will probably not be particularly high as it is a limited number of vessels going into this catching.

As much as close to 16.000 MT of mackerel were reported last week and the foreign trawlers brought with them high quantities; as much as 2.000 MT on a single vessel. The fish is constantly moving west and last week the catching was carried out north of St. Kilda and by the end of the week southwest of the Hebrides, grid 4331,  just south of the 57° N and 9 -10° W. The size varies from 330 - 386 g, with an average at 362 g. The catch size from the southernmost area was entirely more than 380 g.
Even if the operations are moving west, we do hope the foreign vessels also this forthcoming week will deliver their catches in Norway.

Capelin at Iceland
This season's capelin catching has so far not been as one could hope for.  28 vessels have sailed across to Iceland, but with just modest quantities as a result. Two vessels had each of them a smaller catch of some 100 MT last week.
Good conditions were reported from the Icelandic trawlers  by the start of season, but after arrival of the Nw vessels, there have been very little reported. Weather conditions have not been the best and in the last part of the week the fleet has been alongside the quay hoping for improving conditions. Also Icelandic vessels are alongside the quay waiting from things to get better. Maybe the weather will improve, giving an opening for a start again today (Monday) -  hopefully also resulting in some capelin.

Capelin in the Barents Sea
In the Barents Sea two vessels have been operating; "Knester" and "Fiskeskjær". On Sunday both vessels were in Honningsvåg due to the bad weather. There has not been registered any capelin yet. When weather improves, more vessels are expected to join in.

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