The course of the fisheries as per week 25/2014

Published: by Roar Bjånesøy

It was a slow week for North Sea herring and also less than expected mackerelfishing in the north. Both fisheries
were hampered by consistent northern wind. The period for fishing sandeel was extended one week until June 30th.

North Sea Herring

Just over 12 000 tonnes were caught this week, only a third of the previous weeks record volume. 6 700 tonnes went to freezing and fillets, 2 925 tonnes for matjes production and 2 150 tonnes for fishmeal and fishoil.

For the matjesproduction, the number is probably a little higher, some of the fish bough on the regular auction is also being used for matjes production.

The average pricelevels are NOK 4,46 for matjes, with NOK 4,71 in Denmark and 4,23 in Norway. For freezing/fillets the average weekly price is NOK 3,38 and for fishmeal/fishoil NOK 2,50.

The fisheriy is taken place, as usual, in two areas even though the catch area for matjes are extending into the EU-zone and the Forties-area. The main area is Lingbanken. De bigger herring being used for fillet is being caught on the Utsiregrunnen and firther north. Total from the EU-zone this week is 2 900 tonnes.


Following the start of the mackerelfishery in the north, there has been high expectation of large catchable
quantities and hectic fishing activity. This week those expectations have not come through ans the strong northern wind is much to blame. The mackerel is not easy to catch in those conditions around Lofoten.

The participation in this fishery are a little different this year. We have had 37 vessels doing direct delivery
and 25 vessels participating in the pen fishery.( the mackerel is being stores in pens after catching it and
wellboats are collecting the fish for the factories) Last year we had more of the fishing for pens.

The catch area is Vestfjorden, from southeast of Verøy to east of the Nusfjorden. The penning fishery is going on both in West-Lofoten and on themainland coast in Bodø county.

A total of 3 350 tonnes were caught, including the catches made in southern Norway. 2 760 tonnes were caught in direct purse seining and 510 tonnes in penning fishery.

The size of the mackerel varies from 460 grams to 525 grams, average size has been 487 grams.

The pricelevels have been NOK 7,60 for fish deliver directlu and NOK 6.82 for penned fish collected by wellboats.

In southern Norway more mackerel have been penned, in total 84 tonnes where 44 tonnes have been sold for


Sandeel and other species

A slow week for the sandeel fishery with only 1 875 tonnes reported. Six vesels have been participating this week.
On the 19th of June it was decided to extend the sandeel fishing season one week until June 30th.

Also 1 000 tonnes blue whiting and 350 tonnes of Norwegian pout was caught.

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