The course of the Fisheries as per week 26/2014 (1)

Published: by Jarle A. Hansen

Just smaller volumes of North Sea herring. Up north the strong and cold winds from north hampered the catch of mackerel

North Sea herring
An average week for the North Sea herring, totalling 9.100 MT. Of last week's volume some 90 % were sold for consumption purposes and just 1.050 t for reduction. This was the week representing the highest share this summer when it comes to consumption sales. Over the last weeks there has been a trend to operate further south and west, and more into EU waters. Of last week's quantity 5.300 MT were caught in this zone, mainly close to Fladen. In the Nw zone the main catching was performed at Utsira and at the Reef west of Egersund.
The herring sold for consumption has been at size 200 g and the vessels have had difficulties finding herring fit for matjes production.  - Especially by the end of the week. The display auction in Egersund was terminated last week.
For filet the prizes have been in the range from NOK 3,30-3,60. For matjes from NOK 3,46 to 4,82 at the best.
In the forthcoming week we expect fewer vessels to participate. Herring moving west and available only in the EU zone makes it difficult for those vessels having just a small part left of the EU quota.

Northerly winds and cold weather dominated last week's catching up north. This type of weather is of no good for the mackerel catching as the feed is influenced by the weather and thus the mackerel hard to get. Over the weekend the winds calmed a bit and the temperatures rise, leading the vessels to continue their catching, but with no success. Last week's volume reached just 900 MT.
In the Vest Fjord where the catching mainly has been performed this summer, no good observations are made resulting in just small catches. It seems like the mackerel has left the area due to lack of feed.
Further north there has been some single catches off Malangen, and some in the And Fjord close to shore east of Andøya Island.
In this area the mackerel has proved surprisingly well sized with an average between 520-550 g and with a fairly high share of fish beyond 600 g. The prices; from NOK 7,- to 8,- .
During the weekend a number of vessels have moved further north towards the And Fjord. Hopefully this well sized mackerel will continuously be available enabling the vessels to fulfil their quotas.

Just 520 MT registered from two vessels last week. The catching has been bad over the last weeks and as the season were terminated by the end of June, some 7.500 MT are left of the quota.

Blue whiting/ Norway pout
From the Egersund Bank in the south via the Reef to the eastern part of Patch, 1.000 MT of blue whiting were caught. From the edge the search for Norway pout gave 330 MT.
Prices; from NOK 1,45 - 1,60.

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