The course of the Fisheries as per week 11/2014

Published: by Jarle A. Hansen

Another "best week" for blue whiting, but modest results in the Barents Sea for capelin where the quota itself is modest. The mackerel agreement with EU was finalized - with differing comments as a result.

Blue whiting
This season's best week with altogether more than 48.000 MT. Even if fishermen tend to be careful when describing their own catching as successful, the week must be summarized as "fairly acceptable".
Of the total quantity 1.900 MT were delivered by a foreign vessel. The catching has been performed in several areas, from south of 52° N and northwards to Rockall Bank 55° 30' N in international waters.
On Wednesday the bilateral agreement with EU was a fact, and the next day vessels were ready to operate in the EU zone. During the following days, the catch was 3.500 MT taken in the EU zone in an area between 54° and 54° 30'N - and 12 -14° W, grid 4730-31. The size of the fish from this area was somewhat better: 150-180 g as an average compared to 130-145 g previously. Of the week's volume 3.500 MT were delivered in Killybegs. - The remaining part for reduction purposes in Denmark and Norway. The price level for consumption purposes varies from NOK 1,60 - 1,73 with an average at NOK 1,65. For reduction;  NOK 1,38 -NOK 1,57, - the average; NOK 1,48. In the forthcoming week high activity is still expected.

Capelin in the Barents Sea
Last week some 8.700 MT were caught off the coast of Finnmark County, i.e. in two areas; east and west of the Magerøy Island. The best yield was on the east side, grid 0310 (7.110 MT) off Helnes and Kamøyfjord and  across towards Sværholt. Here an area was closed due to a high mix of cod in the capelin catches.
Neither last week proved any improvement in size of the capelin. Mixed catches had fish between 49 -67 pcs/kg with an average at 54 pcs. The roe maturation is now 19 -22 % and in general the roe is loose and individuals having already been spawning, are observed.
Last week's catches are mainly sold to buyers in Northern Norway, still a couple of vessels have gone south for delivery. Prices; NOK 1,80 - 2,55 depending on the quality and how wide bidding area is decided. Average price: NOK 2,05.
In the forthcoming week the coastal vessels are expected to get their last share of the quota and some purse seiners will also participate.

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