The course of the Fisheries as per week 12/2014

Published: by Jarle A. Hansen

Stormy weather resulted in an average week at the blue whiting fields far west. In the Barents Sea the capelin season is nearly finished.

Blue whiting
An average week - volume vice; 28.800 MT of blue whiting registered. The main challenge has been as seen previously, the weather, - long periods dominated by strong winds. In addition there has been less fish to find in international waters and vessels have instead moved north of the well-known Porcupine Bank in the EU zone.
The share last week was 16.800 MT from the international zone and 12.000 MT from EU waters.
The blue whiting has as mainly been sold for reduction purposes (25.400 MT). The prices have been varying from NOK 1,22 when delivered in Ireland and NOK 1,54 at the best when delivered in Denmark. Buyers in Killybegs taking blue whiting for consumption purposes bought 3.500 MT. Prices: between NOK 1,60 and 1,75.
Looking back on the last four years of blue whiting fisheries, indicates 27th of March as the final date of registering blue whiting from international waters.  Fishermen trust the coastal states will enter into an agreement giving better access to the EU zone and possibilities also to catch in Faroese waters.
Hopefully the weather will improve a bit in the forthcoming week.

Capelin in the Barents Sea
Last week's volume was at the same level as the week before; 8.300 MT registered. The catches have been taken fairly close to the coast, mainly in an area near Magerøy Island. In addition some single catches are taken further east, north of Mehamn and also at a more westerly field north of Ingøy/Hjelmsøy islands.
When it comes to capelin, fishermen have to observe several data being important info to potential buyers. In addition to size of mixed catches, the size of the female capelin is important. Also roe maturation and share of female fish in the catch have to be sampled and assessed.
Mixed size has been from 42 to 62 pcs/kg. The main reason for such a wide range is an uneven distribution of male and female fish in the hauls.
The roe quality has been changing from catch to catch, as some catches contain fish already having been spawning, while others have got fish having a far less degree of maturation and the roe is still firm.
The prices have been varying from the minimum price of NOK 1,80 to NOK 2,40 at the highest.
This year's quota of 38.980 MT is now nearly fulfilled. The coastal fleet has still 400 MT left, due to the fact that some of these smaller vessels have ceased fishing before fulfilling their individual quotas.

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