Minimum prices for North Sea Herring

Published: by Roar Bjånesøy

Norges Sildesalgslag and Norwegian Seafood Federation have established the following minimum prices for North Sea Herring for consumption purposes as from Monday 28 April 2014

Minimum prices for North Sea Herring: 

Se Circular 12/12 here

Period 280414 - 300614: NOK 3.00 per kg (mixed herring)


In cases, where the difference between unloaded quantity and reported quantity of the smallest herring (i.e. herring with weight between 0 g and 99 gram) is 10 % or more, the buyer shall only pay the auction price for the reported quantity, while the rest can be paid by NOK 0. Otherwise, the buyer shall pay the auction price for the unloaded quantity of the smallest herring.


In any circumstances, the price for the total quantity of herring unloaded shall never be set below the minimum price of NOK 3.00 per kg.  

Period starting 010714:  

Group 1         (herring with weight of 125 g and more)            NOK 3.00 per kg

Group 2         (heriing with weight below 125 g)                       NOK 2.20 per kg


Herring below 125 gram, which is sorted out and not used for consumption purposes, shall at least be paid by NOK 0.90 per kg.

Other information.


Vessels reporting herring to NSS are obliged to give information about the assortment of their catch based on sampling onboard, which means the share of herring with weight

1)    between 0 g - 99 g

2)    between 100 g - 124 g

3)    between 125 g - 199 g,

4)    between 200 g - 299 g,

5)    between 300 g - 349 g and

6)    350 g and more need to be reported to NSS. 


Vessels are also obliged to report the average weight based on sampling onboard.  It is important that the sampling onboard the vessel is carried out in a proper and a representative way.  If information about the assortment and the average weight are missing the catch will not be registered for sale. 

When filling in the delivery note one line of quantity and price shall be filled in for each of the groups in force.  



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