The course of the Fisheries as per week 20/2014

Published: by Jarle A. Hansen

Extended quota and alternative catching field resulted in a sandeel catch record for the vessel "Østanger". The herring season has started in the North Sea and early summer brings about more penned-in mackerel.


Following the new recommendation on Thursday of tripling the quota from 30.000 MT to 90.000 MT, most vessels aimed for continued sandeel catching. On Friday we also got an extension of the fishing fields including the areas 2a and 4 b. With good weather and a lot of sandeel the vessels got loaded in a short time with short and large hauls. As a grand total 28.800 MT were reported last week;  the best day being the 17th of May with 11.400 MT!
One of the vessels; "Østanger" got a new record reporting alone 2.000 MT on Constitution Day itself. The catch was taken during 3 days between the West bank and Outer Shoal.
It is observed a lot of sandeel in all areas where catching has been performed. By the beginning of the week, the fleet was gathered at the West bank. When the areas were extended, the fleet moved west to alternative sandeel banks, and during the weekend the fleet has operated at Outer Shoal.
Following good catching in a short time period, a certain pressure has been the consequence at the landing sports. There are now a couple of days waiting to get vessels unloaded.
The catches are sold to plants in Denmark and in Norway (Egersund and Ålesund). The prices were in the range between NOK 1,70 and 1,80.
It is expected high activity in the forthcoming week as all vessels still have quotas left; above 50.000 MT are still to be caught.  - As summer is approaching in the southern areas, it is of vital importance that the vessels keep their catches well chilled when waiting to get unloaded.

North Sea herring

Two purse seiners and one coastal vessel have started the herring season in the North Sea. As a total these three vessels have reported 1.100 MT last week. The vessels have been operating in different fields; by the beginning of the week  from an area southwest of Oseberg,  to a field close to the EU border line west of the Patch bank. - In addition to a field at the East bank further southeast.
Early in the week the buyers were not yet ready and the catches were sold for reduction purposes. The catches sold for consumption purposes were sold to Denmark at prices between NOK 3,20 and 3,26.
Even if the fat content is fairly good, - the early season considered, the production has been filets.
Matjes herring production is expected to start in a week's time or so.
More vessels will join in during the forthcoming week.

As usual at this time of the year when temperatures are rising both ashore and in the sea, the mackerel "comes together". The smaller vessels have caught 43 MT last week being sold in the fresh market both in Norway and abroad. The main part has been taken in the counties of Rogaland and Hordaland. Higher volumes being penned-in has led to falling prices compared to what we saw by the end of April. The catches last week were sold in the range between NOK 15,-  and 16,- .
Following the weather forecast with summarily temperatures in the southern part of Norway, more mackerel is expected to be penned-in.       

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