The course of the Fisheries as per week 21/2014

Published: by Jarle A. Hansen

The first catches of North Sea herring are delivered at Norwegian plants - and still high activity for the sandeel. High quantities of penned-in mackerel in the western part of Norway while up north the byers and fishermen are waiting for the mackerel to "arrive".

North Sea herring
Last week there was an increasing activity for the North Sea herring, but even if the number of vessels and the volumes taken were doubled compared to the week in advance, it was just a few vessels in operation. The slow start has to do with the buyers' moderate  interest so far. However, by the end of the week the first deliveries were made to Norwegian plants producing for consumption purposes. Altogether 2.500 MT were delivered.
The catches sold are caught at the Viking Bank and in the Oseberg area; size 190 g. In the field further south, the Ling Bank, four vessels have been operating and the catches are delivered in Denmark or for reduction purposes in Norway. The size in this area was from 160-174 g. Some smaller fish was mixed in.
For consumption purposes the price in Norway was NOK 3,- and in Denmark NOK 3,20-3,26. For meal&oil; NOK 2,30. The price is expected to increase following increasing fat content later on.
As of Monday the 26th of May Egersund has facilities ready for receiving herring to be displayed for matjes purposes.

Following the very good previous week with more than 11.400 MT registered on Constitution Day (the 17th of May), the good fishing continued into last week even if it was a bit more time consuming to fill the tanks. This is though to be considered as quite normal with such high activity in a limited area. Altogether 27.900 MT were registered and the supply has been even; between 3.000 and 6.000 MT daily.  The fish is delivered both in Norway and Denmark; respectively 18.500 MT in Norway and 9.400 MT in Denmark. The prices in Norway; NOK 1,70 to 1,85 -  and in Denmark; NOK 1,75.
In the forthcoming week a certain reduction in catching capacity is expected as some vessels have already finished. Of the total quota of 90.000 MT 63.000 MT are caught.

There has been an increasing volume of mackerel to be penned-in during last week. As a total more than 180 MT are registered, significantly more than the demand.  Accordingly some quantities are hold back as unsold. At this part of the season, this is not very unusual and the fish is expected sold as fresh in days to come, - even if some quantities also will have to be frozen if the catching activity keeps on at the same level.
The mackerel has a good size; from 300 to 600 g with an average at 440 g.
Up north the fishing is not yet started, but the buyers are already well prepared for the season. Some vessels indicate they will go north in the forthcoming week and hopefully the mackerel also decides to go north.
Last year the first catches were taken during week no. 23 - as was the case both in 2012 and 2011.

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