The course of the Fisheries as per week 44/2014

Published: by Jarle A. Hansen

Higher activity for the Atlanto Scandic herring last week, but lower for the mackerel. Some catches of North Sea herring registered - and mostly a calm period for industrial species. And all activities have been hampered by stormy weather.

Atlanto Scandic herring
Higher activities for the Atlanto Scandic herring last week and as a total volume 29.600 MT were registered. The main part has been caught by Nw purse seiners; 26.600 MT.
By the beginning of the week the catching was performed  in grids 3404-05 just north of 65° N, later some 130 n.m. further northeast in grid 3705, - 130 n.m. west of Træna isles. On Sunday night the fleet was operating even further northeast, just 100 n.m. southwest of Skomvær. Some catching is reported, but the conditions were not the best we were told. On Sunday the first catch from northern waters was reported. 300 MT were taken at the western side of Ringvassøy Island and with fishing closer to shore it is expected that also coastal vessels shortly will join this catching.
The size of the herring being caught had an average from 335 - 365 g. The herring being taken further north; 345 g as an average.
The price level last week was from NOK 5,29 - 6,08 with an average at NOK 5,74 at the auctions. The buyers are placed from Tromsø in north to Skagen in Denmark.

Also last week  there were catches of mackerel amounting to 22.800 MT. Again it was foreign vessels' landings representing the main volume.  - Some 18.500 MT were reported by vessels from abroad.
The catching by Nw vessels has been performed in more areas, some east of the Orkneys, some from the neighbourhood of Oseberg/Statfjord in Nw zone, - in addition to some catching at the northeast side of the Shetlands. Foreign vessels have been operating east of the Orkneys and west/northwest of Shetland.
The size of mackerel taken by Nw vessels was from 325 -360 g with an average at 357 g. The size from foreign vessels; from 350 - 410 g with an average at 385 g.
The price level last week was from NOK 7,19 - 8,83 with an estimated average at the auction of NOK 8,35.

North Sea herring
Four Nw purse seiners have been catching North Sea herring last week, totalling some 1.250 MT. The herring has been caught north of Fladen and is delivered to buyers both in Norway and Denmark. The size varies from 187 - 219 g. The price level had NOK 3,81 as an average.
In addition to the purse seiners there has been some catching closer to shore in the Måløy area and in Tysnes; altogether 50 MT delivered to local buyers.

Coastal sprat
Unlike the foregoing week representing this season's best, last week proved less productive; just two catches were reported amounting to 37 MT. Both catches were taken in Nordfjord. The size of the sprat in this area was fairly good; 82-85 pcs/kg. The harsh weather has though been affecting catching of sprat as well as all other catching last week.

Industrial species
Of industrial species neither this week proved a high yield,  just 1.100 MT of which 730 MT were Norway pout and 280 MT were blue whiting. The remaining part was horse mackerel, silvery pout and silver smelt. Five vessels have been in activity.

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