The course of the Fisheries as per week 46/2014

Published: by Jarle A. Hansen

Good weather conditions and a lot of available herring resulted in weekly record for Atlanto Scandic herring.

Atlanto Scandic herring
Favourable weather both in the Norwegian Sea and in the northern fjords resulted in this season's best week when it comes to volume. The total quantity from last week amounted to 47.400 MT of Atlanto Scandic herring.
Of this volume as much as 13.200 MT were registered on Wednesday, which gave the highest daily quantity this season. Two Danish vessels contributed with 3.100 MT.
As we have seen over the last weeks, the catching has been performed in two main areas, -in the Norwegian Sea as far south as 66° N and further northeast to an area west of the Lofoten archipelago. In this area as much as 31.300 MT were caught. The fishermen are frequently reporting of a lot of herring being observed with single hauls exceeding 1.000 MT.
From the Kald Fjord and Vengsøy Fjord off Kvaløya Island, 16.000 MT have been reported. Also in these areas a lot of herring is observed, however also whales are participating in the chase for herring, consequently making it a challenge for the smaller vessels. Sunday night a catch was reported from the Ands Fjord as well. Whether the herring in this area migrates from north or west is hard to tell, but it may be a signal of also getting herring in these waters.
The average size is still rather good. - In west from 340-382 g. During the last part of the week the percentage of herring sized >350 was lower.
From the more northern waters the size was from 315-370 g. The average size was 338 g. This is just marginally lower than what we saw last week when the average size was 343 g.
The prices have been varying from NOK 4,65 for penned-in herring and further upwards to NOK 6,50 for a high volume catch including Denmark - Tromsø as biding area. Last week's average price was NOK 5,90.
An eye on the remaining quotas tells us that still some 49.000 MT are left. All vessels will hardly use their option for "flex quota"; thus the remaining quantity will realistically be in the range of 10-15.000 MT lower. Keeping this is mind the forthcoming week will result in a significant lower yield.

A low volume of mackerel last week; just 1.000 MT registered. This volume was shared on three catches; nearly 700 MT from an Irishman and two smaller catches made by two Nw vessels. By the second part of the week the main fleet fishing mackerel headed for Shetland ports due to bad weather forecast. Sunday night a few vessels again set sails to look for mackerel hoping also for improving weather.
The catches taken by the beginning of the week came from an area southwest of the Shetlands. Size: from 355-380 g and with prices at the level of NOK 7,35.

North Sea herring
Bearing in mind the remaining quota of 46.000 MT for North Sea herring including the flexible part, we had a rather modest week aggregating just 2.000 MT. The main reason was bad weather at the fields north of Fladen. In addition the herring observed was widely spread and going deep.  The catches last week were taken on Monday and Tuesday, and the average size improved a bit from the week before; average weight close to 200 g. Following moderate volumes, the prices have gone up. Auction price gave from NOK 4,12 - 4,25 with an average at NOK 4,19. In days to come we expect significant higher activity. The Nw fishers hope for herring still staying in Nw waters until quotas are fulfilled.

Norway pout and Blue whiting
Above species came out with just 1.000 MT of Norway pout last week. These catches were sold for reduction purposes at prices in the range of NOK 1,75 -1,80.

Be aware that prices for both fish meal and fish oil globally are being significantly increased as from today Monday 17. of November.

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