The course of the Fisheries as per week 47/2014

Published: by Jarle A. Hansen

Less Atlanto Scandic herring last week, more North Sea herring - and still some mackerel from both Nw and foreign vessels. And - 230 MT of horse mackerel!

Atlanto Scandic herring
Even if last week's volume was less than half the foregoing week's record, the catches reached close to 20.000 MT. The significant reduction was due to the fact that several vessels now are finishing their quotas. The operations were again carried out in a couple of fields; the fjords outside Tromsø city, and in the Norwegian Sea west of Træna islands.
The average size in open sea was 366 g, while in the fjords somewhat less: 334 g.
Pricewise this season has been surprisingly positive. The auction prices were from NOK 5,25 to 6,73 with an average at NOK 6,31. Also penned-in herring got good prices; NOK 5,46 as an average, and almost everything sold by contracts.
In the forthcoming week the activity will be further reduced. The quota survey shows that close to 29.000 MT are left, incl. the flexible part.

North Sea herring
For the North Sea herring last week came out with higher volumes than the week before; close to 10.000 MT and the main part caught inside the EU zone. The volume was taken both by purse seiner, trawlers and coastal vessels. For the latter; some catches were also taken closer to shore.
The size varied from 170 - 210 g with an average at 190 g. Also for the North Sea herring the prices were good; from NOK 4,03 to 5,- . The average price from last week's auctions was NOK 4,65. The buyers were situated from Skagen in Denmark to Herøysund. Some 3.000 MT were delivered in Denmark.
Summing up catches and quotas, there is still some left when it comes to North Sea herring.

Despite we foresaw the season to be over, there were some catches last week too; 3.500 MT. 2.000 MT were taken by a foreign vessel.  All catches were taken in grid 4250 west of Shetland.
The size varied from 340 -361 g and the average price at the auction was NOK 7,91.  - At the peak; NOK 8,49.

Horse mackerel
Despite hard struggle the entire season to get this unpredictable fish, the results have been poor. Last week came out as the very best so far this season, totalling 230 MT. 170 MT were taken at the northern part of the west coast of Norway, grid 0733, and one catch (60 MT) in the Nw zone of Skagerrak. The northern catch had sizes from 422 g to 500 g, while in Skagerrak; 370 g.

Coastal sprat
A modest result for coastal sprat last week; 76 MT were registered. - 35 MT were taken in Nordfjord, 26 MT in Årdal and 15 MT near Sandefjord. The sprat catch in Nordfjord kept 83 pcs/kg, in Årdal 127 pcs/kg and in Sandefjord 48 pcs/kg.

Industrial species
Just 1.400 MT of industrial species last week, some 1.050 MT of Norway pout, 250 MT of blue whiting and 100 MT of other species - horse mackerel, silver smelt and silvery pout. The Norway pout was mainly caught in the EU zone and the blue whiting near "the edge".

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