The course of the Fisheries as per week 40/2014

Published: by Jarle A. Hansen

Historic record for mackerel meant for consumption purposes in one single day


Despite some uneasy weather, last week came out as the second best week for mackerel amounting to 44.600 MT registered. Of this quantity 15.000 MT were caught the very first day of the week. This is a new historic record for mackerel in one single day.
By the beginning of the week the operations took place in an area north of 62° N both in Nw and EU waters. At the same time we registered catches from an area east of Gullfaks.  Later during the week, the catching moved south and during the weekend most vessels were operating off the coast of Sogn county. The observations are good and particularly by the beginning of the week the fishermen reported a lot of mackerel.
The size of the mackerel proved great variation with more than 120 g from the smaller to the better sized fish. During the weekend the trend has moved in direction of smaller fish; 445 g at the best and 324 g in the lower end. The average of the week; 364 g.
Following uneven volumes from day to day - and different sizes, the prices have also been moving up and down. At the highest, more than NOK 9,- and in the low end NOK 5,32 was paid. The average price of the week was NOK 7,64.
On Friday the quota which was earmarked catching in Northern Norway was re-divided. Following 4 weeks with an average quantity of close to 43.000 MT, the remaining part of the quotas now is shrinking.
In the forthcoming week smaller volumes are expected delivered from Nw vessels as quotas are already fulfilled for several vessels. From foreign vessels some catches are reported and more foreign vessel's landings are expected in weeks to come.

North Sea herring
A moderate week behind us amounting to just 600 MT of North Sea herring. The main part  was taken north of Fladen in the EU zone. In addition a catch was registered from Skagerak and some smaller volumes along the coast. Prices for herring to be frozen were in the range of NOK 3,15. For fresh usage, the price was a little above NOK 5,- . For reduction purposes the price was in the range of NOK 2,65.
Following a period with poor market demand, the demand is now expected to improve in weeks to come.

Blue whiting and Norway pout
From the Egersund bank in the south via the Reef to the eastern part of Patch, 700 MT of blue whiting are reported.  In fishing Norway pout close to 600 MT were caught along the "edge".
The prices here were in the range of NOK 1,75.

Coastal sprat
Following a good week no. 39, last week also proved fairly good with volumes taken in Luster and Årdal in Sogn county. As total 200 MT are reported from six operators. This makes the grand total to 600 MT so far, already passing the "black" year of 2013.
All catches were sold to "King Oscar" for canning.

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