The course of the Fisheries as per week 41/2014

Published: by Jarle A. Hansen

Still high activity for mackerel, but it was a bit harder to get catches last week. - Also some catches of North Sea herring and the autumn season's first catch of Atlanto Scandic herring by high sea vessels.

Last week's volume accumulated to 37.600 MT, a reduction from the foregoing week by 7.000 MT. The purse seiners got 24.300 MT, trawlers 1.000 MT, 9.200 MT came from foreign vessels and 3.100 MT from coastal vessels. Of this latter volume 100 MT were taken by trollers.
One reason for a lower volume last week is that an increasing number of vessels now have fulfilled their quotas, but by the end of the week, the fish was as well very hard to get by seine. By the beginning of the week the operations took place in Nw zone east of the "Tampen tongue", later in the zone 30-35 n.m. east of Lerwick. In addition some catches were taken east of Viking and Statfjord. The size varied for Nw purse seiners; 325 - 439 g and as an average 378 g. The average size from foreign vessels, mainly trawlers, was 368 g. The price level last week was from NOK 5,81 to 9,84 at the best, with an average at NOK 8,02.

North Sea herring
Following the fact that some vessels already have finished for the mackerel, they are switching to North Sea herring. Last week four catches were registered; altogether 1.200 MT. The catches were taken north of Fladen and the entire volume was delivered for consumption purposes. A minor price rise was observed last week, and the average price was NOK 3,31.

Atlanto Scandic herring
This autumn's first catch of Atlanto Scandic herring was taken by high sea vessels. "Fiskebas" got a catch of 200 MT in the southern tip of the "loop sea". The size was fairly good; 370 g as an average. From buyers' side there is given indications on being ready for production if vessels now are getting into operations. Closer to shore 27 MT were penned-in near the community of Ulstein.

Coastal sprat
Even if the volume was only half of what was observed in the foregoing week, there was also catches of coastal sprat last week; some 90 MT. Mainly the catching was performed near the community of Luster in Sogn county and the size was between 130 -135 pcs/kg. King Oscar (canning) now reports they are close to have the quantity they want. As result the catching of this size may cease shortly.

Industrial species
Last week just small volumes of industrial species were reported; 300 MT of Norway pout, 100 MT of blue whiting and 25 MT of other species.

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