The course of the Fisheries as per week 42/2014

Published: by Jarle A. Hansen

A lot of mackerel from foreign vessels resulted in the second best week for mackerel.

While fishing of mackerel goes towards an end for Nw vessels, there has been high activity among foreign vessels resulting in this season's second best week; 47.000 MT of mackerel were registered. Of this volume vessels from Denmark, Scotland and Ireland have contributed with 27.000 MT. Daily quantity has been varying from modest 2.000 MT on Saturday to 13.300 MT on Tuesday.
Except a few catches from trollers, the entire volume has been caught in EU waters. The mackerel has in a short time left Nw waters moving towards Shetland. Late last week it was difficult for Nw vessels to get the mackerel outside the 12 n.m. line, while foreign vessels were successful inside. On Sunday the Nw vessels came across mackerel 15-20 n.m. south of Shetland.
The size has been varying from 334 g to 420 g, where the best size has been taken by trawlers close to Shetland. For the purse seiner the size has been tending towards smaller fish and mackerel by 250 g were observed during the week. However, the size improved on Sunday night when the average weight was 400 g. The average size of the week; 372 g.
Following uneven daily volumes and variation of size, the prices have also been varying. On Tuesday with high volumes of mackerel caught by foreign vessels, the prices were from NOK 4,86 to NOK 9,29 at the best. Average price at the auction was NOK 7,34. The foreign vessels are mainly delivering according to contracts with Nw buyers, and final price is set upon delivery based on size and quality.
In the forthcoming week we expect less mackerel from Nw vessels but still deliveries from foreign vessels. Hopefully the tendency with better sizes and good fishing as were the case on Sunday, will continue. Though harsh weather may hamper the results.

North Sea herring
From the main field north of Fladen in EU waters just 500 MT of herring were registered. Several vessels have been operating in this area with no results as the herring has "turned for the seabed".
In addition to what was caught in EU waters, 180 MT were taken in Skagerrak, and some minor catches were taken closer to the shore. The prices for consumption purposes;  from NOK 3,15-3,30.
Hopefully the herring again will be available for purse seiners in the forthcoming week.

Atlanto Scandic herring
As a grand total 1.200 MT were registered. This volume is divided between catches from the Norwegian Sea (400 MT), 320 MT from the coastal area from Møre to North Trøndelag counties, and one Russian vessel delivering her catch in Hammerfest (Finnmark county) after catching in an area southwest of Bjørnøya Island.
The price for herring with size from 345-370 g, was just above NOK 5,- .
More vessels will participate in fishing for Atlanto Scandic herring in the southern part of the Norwegian Sea in the forthcoming week.

Horse mackerel 
A few vessels have by the end of the week been looking for the horse mackerel south and southwest of Egersund, - with no results.
More vessels are expected to join in days to come as there will be a new moon later this week.

Coastal sprat
The areas in the Luster Fjord and Årdals Fjord in Sogn were closed for sprat catching on Tuesday as "King Oscar canning"
could not take more of this particular size.
On Sunday areas in the Oslo Fjord, Nordfjord, Møre and Romsdal and Trondheims Fjord were opened. As a total 50 MT were registered
from the Sogne Fjord last week.
- From the new areas there is no reporting so far.

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