The course of the Fisheries as per week 43/2014

Published: by Jarle A. Hansen

Even if we claim it has been a quiet week at the auction desk, it was hardly the same for the fishermen who have experienced stormy weather at sea as good proof of what season we now are well into.  

- However, for the coastal sprat it was this season's best week.

Last week 37.700 MT of mackerel were registered and the main part came from foreign landings. 26.800 MT were reported from foreign vessels. While the foreign trawlers mainly have been operating along the northern part of Shetland, grid 4251-61-62, the Nw fleet has been operating further south, during the last days just east of the Orkneys. The fish from more northerly waters were somewhat better sized; 380 g as an average compared to 357 g further south.
The last catches made by Nw vessels have also contained more fish below 250 g. From a quota point of view the Nw purse seiners now have just small volumes left.  The trawlers have 1.455 MT left and coastal vessels some 6.000 MT.
The price level last week was from NOK 6,12 to NOK 8,64 with an average at the auctions of NOK 7,67.
In the forthcoming week we expect the main part of Nw quotas to be fulfilled; - that is if the "Clerk of the weathers" allow for operating conditions. Landings from foreign vessels will most likely continue also into this week.

Atlanto Scandic herring
Last week the activity for Atlanto Scandic herring was higher and the registered volume amounted to 6.400 MT. Of this quantity some 6.100 MT were caught by larger vessels in an area near 65°N  and 1°E.  The remaining quantity was taken by a Russian trawler having on-board production delivering the products to a freezing store in Norway. 100 MT were taken closer to shore just north of "Stadt". The size of herring from high seas were from 335 - 362 g and paid by NOK 5,51 - NOK 6,38. The auctions average was NOK 5,96. The herring has been landed all along the coast from Kalvåg (Sogn county) to Tromsø. Of last week's seven days just four days came out with catches as, - again, the weather has not been in a cooperative mood. We do hope for more calm conditions during the forthcoming week.

North Sea herring
Just 250 MT of North Sea herring were registered last week. Two catches were delivered for reduction purposes. One penned-in catch were delivered as fresh.

Coastal sprat
Last week came out as this season's best for coastal sprat; more than 260 MT were registered. Following the fact that new areas were opened, the fleet has been more widely spread and in Nordfjord some catches were taken with high quality sprat; 80 pcs/kg.  Also in the Eids Fjord in Hardanger sprat has been caught, being smaller; 128-130 pcs/kg. From the Sogne Fjord sprat has been registered from a couple of areas. Sogndal with 105-110 pcs/kg and in Årdal even smaller; 131 pcs/kg.
Also sprat catching was hampered by stormy weather last week, - even into the fjords. Hopefully this may improve in the forthcoming week.

Industrial species
Of industrial species just a modest volume registered last week accumulating to 280 MT  -  both Norway pout, blue whiting and horse mackerel.

Horse mackerel 
It is not quite correct to call it horse mackerel fishing yet, and no vessels have so far reported any observations of "the horse". Though; the "fever is on" and several vessels have been chasing, but as just said, with no results except for what was reported among the industrial species.

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