New minimum prices for mackerel for consumption purposes

Published: by Roar Bjånesøy

FHL and Norges Sildesalgslag agreed today on a new set of minimum prices for mackerel delivered for human consumption.

1.  Minimum prices for mackerel for comsumption purposes.


The following minimum prices shall apply:


Group 1         (average weight 550 g and over):                      NOK 7,50 pr kg

Group 2         (average weight between 525 g and 549 g)      NOK 7,50 pr kg

Group 3         (average weight between 500 g and 524 g)      NOK 7,50 pr kg

Group 4         (average weight between 475 g and 499 g)      NOK 6,75 pr kg

Group 5         (average weight between 450 g and 474 g)      NOK 6,25 pr kg

Group 6         (average weight between 425 g and 449 g)      NOK 5,75 pr kg

Group 7         (average weight between 400 g and 424 g)      NOK 5,50 pr kg

Group 8         (average weight between 375 g and 399 g)      NOK 5,25 pr kg

Group 9         (average weight between 350 g and 374 g)      NOK 4,75 pr kg

Group 10       (average weight between 325 g and 349 g)      NOK 4,56 pr kg

Group 11       (average weight between 275 g and 324 g)      NOK 4,50 pr kg

Group 12       (average weight between 250 g and 274 g)      NOK 4.00 pr kg

Group 13       (average weight below 250 g)                          NOK 3.50 pr kg


Graded mackerel below 250 g per fish, which is not used for consumption purposes, shall at least be paid by NOK 1,50 pr kg.


Graded mackerel below 250 g per fish, which is used consumption purposes, shall at least be paid by NOK 3,50 pr kg.


Vessels reporting mackerel to Norges Sildesalgslag must give information concerning the average weight per fish in the catch based on sampling on board.  The reported average weight will be used at the auction.  Mackerel under 250 g per fish must be graded and shall not be included when determining the average weight based on sampling onboard. The same goes for sampling when landing.


The new prices are effective from Wednesday, Sep 3rd.

A separate circular with more detailed information will be forthcoming as soon as possible.

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