The course of the Fisheries as per week 35/2014

Published: by Jarle A. Hansen

Still mackerel being caught in northern waters, trolling has started at the west coast and the season's first purse seiner catches of mackerel are registered. - In addition a lot of North Sea herring are delivered in Norway from foreign vessels.

Last week the first purse seiners started their autumn season for mackerel, and three vessels reported their catches; all together 530 MT. As at grand total 2.300 MT are registered. The first purse seiner catch was taken close to the Frøya Bank, while the two others were taken in international waters at the southern point of the "Loop Sea". The size is the not the best and varies from 320 to 345 g, - the best size from the "Loop Sea"  - but again there was fish also at the lower end of the scale (320-330 g) in this area.

The coastal fleet has been catching close to 2.300 MT, - respectively 800 MT in the north and 1.500 MT in the south. In the north the catching was performed in Lofoten, in the south along the coast from the Frøya Bank to the area outside Stavanger city. The size up north had an average at 540 g and the average price achieved was NOK 7,60.  All fish was sold to be frozen. In the south 725 MT were sold as bait, 30 MT for the fresh market and 745 MT to be frozen. The average size in the south part was 277 g and the average price was NOK 5,16.

On Friday last week it is was decided to arrange new price discussions to take place on Tuesday (2nd of September).  At the same time messages were received informing that some buyers did not intend to buy any mackerel until after these discussions.

North Sea herring
Last week 13.200 MT were registered and it has been mainly foreign vessels which have been landing their catches in Norway. The only exception was  two Nw coastal vessels landing 500 MT in Peter Head. The foreign vessels have been operating north and northwest of the Orkney Islands, while the Nw vessels were operating southeast of Peter Head. The size of the herring; 230-260 g. The price was set at NOK 3,- . One foreign vessel having 2.100 MT herring on board, sold the herring at the meal&oil auction at a price very close to what was achieved for consumption purposes.

Industrial species
As a total six catches were registered amounting to 1.650 MT. This was a mixture of blue whiting, Norway pout, horse mackerel and silver melt. The buyers were plants in Egersund and Hanstholm (Denmark).


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