The course of the Fisheries as per week 37/2014

Published: by Jarle A. Hansen

It has been a very good week for mackerel catching in addition to good catches of ocean sprat - and - also good availability of North Sea herring just off Peter Head.

The mackerel catching got really started about a fortnight ago, and last week proved continuously good totalling 51.000 MT. Especially on Friday "it took off" with 11.000 MT registered, and on Sunday 14.000 MT.
The main part has been taken in open waters at the southern peak of the "Loop Sea" and later in the week in Nw zone in an area close to the Faroese borderline and the northern peak of the EU zone.
From this area more than 42.000 MT were registered. The size varies from 340 - 424 g with an average at 384 g.
The good catching resulted in a pressure on the receiving plants from Egersund to Lødingen.  Also closer to coast a lot of mackerel has been caught, in the northern part just a modest catch, while on the west coast as much as 9.000 MT were registered of which 7.500 MT were taken in the Møre area and 1.500 MT further south. This volume also contains trolled catches.
The trollers have had changing conditions, - some days fairly good catching close to Troll and Oseberg with size reported to be in the range from 320 -350 g.
Three foreign vessels have as well been fishing in the EU zone delivering their catches at Nw plants. Close to 1.600 MT have been registered from grid 3008 being the northern peak of the EU zone. The prices were varying from an average at NOK 5,74 to NOK 7,90. On Friday the price dropped more than 1 NOK. The highest price achieved was NOK 8,42.
It is still expected good catches in the forthcoming week. What is the question now is whether the fish will move southeast towards the "Aktivneset" and "Tampentåa"  - or migrate in a different direction.

North Sea herring
Also last week some North Sea herring was caught; totalling a little more than 1.500 MT. It has mainly been larger coastal vessels operating just off Peter Head. - There have been no landings from foreign vessels. In addition to what has been caught on the Scottish side, some minor penned-in catches are taken also in "home" waters and sold as fresh catch.

Ocean sprat
The catching of ocean sprat improved  last week and several vessels participating fulfilled their quotas. The operations have been performed in grid 4125 and 4134, and on Sunday further "leaving port" was stopped, - at least for a while as there are enough capacity operating now to cover the Nw quota of 9.000 MT.
In the forthcoming week it is expected that the last vessels to take part also will get their quotas.

Other industrial species
Of other species just some 500 MT have been reported including different species, but mainly Norway pout.

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