The course of the Fisheries as per week 39/2014

Published: by Jarle A. Hansen

Due to absence last week, we were not able to produce the week 38 report. Here is last week's report:

More than 30.000 MT of mackerel during three days, but a storm stopped further catching. Some 5.000 MT of different species for reduction purposes and fairly good catching of coastal sprat in Sogn County.


Following a "smashing" start of the week with more than 30.000 MT during the first three days, the fleet was under way to land when the stormy forecast was made known. On Thursday the last vessels at the field got their catches and thus were able to seek harbour before the storm arrived.
As a grand total, 34.400 MT were registered divided between purse seiners; 30.700 MT, 3,500 MT for coastal vessels - and the remaining tonnage was penned-in or taken by trollers. When it comes to trollers it is just catches above 10 MT or catches to be landed abroad which is to be registered. Accordingly the quantity caught by these vessels is significantly higher than reported.
The average size last week was 386 g with a slight difference to what was taken in northern waters just north of 64°N and also what has been caught in the EU zone north west of "Tampen"; a difference of 20 g higher weight is observed in the south. Also in the Nw zone of «Tampen», grid 2854, some catches were taken with sizes at 390 g. Stomach content has not been an issue during last week.
The price level got a bit firmer, NOK 5,83 at the lowest and NOK 8,65 at the highest when auctioned. The average price: NOK 7,09.  For trollers the price was NOK 5,11 for 550 MT when settled.
On Sunday the bigger vessels were in operation again, but so far nothing has been reported.

North Sea herring
Last week some 2.300 MT of North Sea herring were registered. Of this quantity some 1.250 MT were caught by trawlers, 950 MT by larger coastal vessels and 100 MT have been penned-in by smaller coastal vessels. The catching has been performed in different areas in the North Sea from just south of 55°N and further north to "Fladen". All these catches were delivered for reduction purposes at prices between NOK 2,70 and NOK 2,90. Of smaller vessels' catches the main part has been penned-in near Porsgrunn (in Telemark county) and further delivered on to Sweden.

Other industrial species
As mentioned in the introduction above, some 5.000 MT were delivered for reduction purposes and of other species than North Sea herring, 1.700 MT have been landed being blue whiting, 850 MT of Norway pout and 250 MT of ocean sprat, horse mackerel and silver smelt.

Coastal sprat
Last week was an improvement when it comes to coastal sprat. As a grand total some 200 MT were registered and four vessels have been operating in Luster in the Sogne Fjord. The sprat had a size from 120 -140 psc/kg and the buyer is "King Oscar" canning the sprat.

Atlanto Scandic herring
The catching for Atlanto Scandic herring is very moderate for the time being, but 60 MT have been penned-in near Hitra island in Southern Trøndelag county.

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