The course of the Fisheries as per week 16/2015

Published: by Jarle A. Hansen

Steady for the blue whiting - and an optimistic start for the sand eel in Norwegian waters.

Blue whiting
A steady week with 22.600 MT of blue whiting registered. The main part; 18.500 MT were caught in the EU zone. From Faroese waters 3.100 MT were registered and from the edge in Nw waters, four vessels have got 1.200 MT.
As normal during this part of the season, the blue whiting is concentrated southwest of St. Kilda and further north along the edge off the Hebrides. In this area the catching has been very good for those vessels still having quota left.
As most vessels just have an alternative of fishing in the Faroese zone, the efforts have been at the highest by the end of the week as results were modest earlier. During the weekend conditions improved and it is expected to be more blue whiting to get in the forthcoming days. Also from Nw waters it periodically has been some good catches.
The entire quantity of blue whiting has been sold for reduction purposes in Norway, Denmark and Iceland. The prices are tending somewhat downwards at a level from NOK 1,84 - 2,- at the highest.
The quota to be caught in the EU zone (102.605 MT) is close to be fulfilled; just 7.000 MT left. When it comes to the "Faroe quota" of 80.000 MT, the fishing has just started - 3.800 MT caught so far. Bearing this in mind, the vessels now concentrate in the Faroese zone. On Sunday night some 20 vessels were in operation in this area.

Sand eel
The season for sand eel started on Wednesday the 15th of April and following a quota of 100.000 MT in the Nw zone, a number of vessels were ready on Wednesday.
Despite being a bit early, the results have been promising; 7.400 MT caught during a couple of days.
The fishing has been performed at the West Bank and further westwards at the well-known sand eel banks as far as to Outer Shoal. For those being at the right spot at right timing, the results were good with catches up to 1.400 MT. Hopefully this lucky start is a good indication for more sand eel to be available as temperatures get higher both in the sea and in the air.
Due to an early start and some uncertainties linked to fat content, the minimum prices were adjusted prior to the weekend. The prices for reduction purpose have been in the range from NOK 1,92 - 2,02. The catches were sold to plants in Norway and Denmark.
Following the relatively high quota set, most vessels with quotas now will participate in this fishery.

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