The course of the Fisheries as per week 17/2015

Published: by Jarle A. Hansen

A high quantity of blue whiting last week despite changing conditions in the Faroese zone. Many participants for the sand eel resulted in a volume of 14.000 MT.

Blue whiting
Last week's blue whiting catching reached close to 44.000 MT, and even if the catching has been somewhat variable, half of the quota in the Faroese zone is now taken. The participation has been high, and by the first part of the week as many as twenty vessels were operating.
High volumes led to some waiting time by the plants in Norway, - 96 hrs. at the most. It is two plants at the Northwest coast of Norway which have been receiving most of the catches, however, when there is numerous vessels delivering and consequently waiting time, some vessels prefer to go to Iceland or Denmark.  The high pressure was eased by not so good catching by the end of the week and thus significant less waiting.
Of the volume taken last week, 4.485 MT were caught in the EU zone, 37.995 MT in the Faroese zone and close to just 300 MT in the Nw zone. Of this year's total quantity of close to 498.173 MT there is 108.000 MT left. In the EU zone Nw vessels have some 3.000 MT left. In the Faroese zone it still remains 37.000 MT of the quota set at 80.000 MT.
Nw plants have received 122.150 MT, 13.910 MT have been delivered in Denmark and 4.700 MT in Iceland. The prices last week were from NOK 1,72 - NOK 1,98 with an average at NOK 1,87.


Sand eel
The season is in progress and in periods more than twenty vessels have been operating at the West Bank.  Last week's quantity reached 14.000 MT. The catching was unsteady, but some catches at 3-400 MT were registered some of the days.
Following the price reduction by the start of the season, there has been some attention linked to the fat percentage which is being evaluated constantly.
For the sand eel fleet there has not been too much waiting and except a few catches, everything has been delivered in Karmsund and Egersund.
The prices have been going up a bit; NOK 1,99 by the end of the week.

Also last week a few catches were penned-in and sold as fresh mackerel.
The total volume is though very modest; just 6 MT, while the prices have been as high as NOK 44,- and NOK 36,- in the lower end.

Other species
Some volumes of other industrial species have been reported, being fish taken together with blue whiting in Nw zone.  

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