The course of Fisheries as per week 50/2015

Published: by Jarle A. Hansen

Weather conditions were good during the weekend and North Sea herring appeared in the Norwegian zone. - Low activity for the Atlanto Scandic herring in northern waters.

Atlanto Scandic herring
The herring fisheries up north are fading out and just 1.900 MT were registered last week. Of this volume 1.350 MT were taken on board directly. The remaining part was penned-in. All catches, except one, were taken in the fjords outside Tromsø.
The vessels participating are reporting high volumes being observed and more herring is still migrating towards the coast from open sea.
The size of the herring was from 350-367 g with a total average at 359 g.
Most buyers are now shutting down their production in approach for Christmas. Low activity is accordingly foreseen in the forthcoming week.

North Sea herring
When it comes to North Sea herring, 4.200 MT were registered last week. Following some catches in the EU zone amounting to 1.250 MT, the weather later got worse and the conditions became difficult for using net. By mid-week some catches were taken by trawl inside the Norwegian zone. This proved however, to be smaller herring not very suitable for consumption purposes.
On Friday the EU share was extended for purseiners and having a good weather forecast, 12-14 vessels set sail for the field.
During the weekend the results came and 2.600 MT of herring were caught in areas southwest of Heimdal in the Norwegian zone and in the area close to Bressay Bank in the EU zone. Following improved weather, the herring were getting together and fishermen reported good volumes being observed.
The size has been varying from 133-181 g with 161 g as an average. As usual, the better sized herring has been in EU waters.
As it is now, few vessels have still some quota left, and it is expected that these vessels will take their remaining share in the forthcoming week. 

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