The course of the Fisheries as per week 6/2015

Published: by Jarle A. Hansen

Finally the blue whiting appeared far west. For capelin at Iceland it is nearly over - and the first vessel is in operation in the Barents Sea. Several deliveries of mackerel from foreign vessels last week.

Capelin at Iceland
Following the Icelandic increase of the capelin quota to 580.000 MT, Nw vessels got an increase of 10.000 MT. This formed the basis of increasing the quota for each Nw vessel by 23 %.
The week as a total came out with 17.000 MT of which 10.300 MT were sold for consumption purposes and 6.700 for meal&oil. As previously the main part (12.000 MT) were sold to Icelandic buyers. The remaining part was sold to buyers in Norway, Denmark and the Faroe Isles.
The operations have as a main rule been carried out north of Iceland, pretty close to shore. This is quite unusual as Nw vessels normally have been operating west of Iceland at this time of the year. Most vessels have now finished their quotas and in the days to come there will be an evaluation of delivered volumes in respect of possible re-apportionment.

In the Barents Sea "Trønderbas" has started looking for capelin. In a calm "window" just before the hurricane "Ole" arrived, the vessel got some 500 MT by three hauls. The capelin is small sized; 55 pcs/kg mixed.  The hauls were made in an area some 40 n.m. NNW of North Cape. On Sunday night the vessel again was heading for the capelin after a short break during the storm.
In the forthcoming week we expect more vessels to join in for the capelin in the Barents Sea.

Blue whiting
After weeks of patient search for the blue whiting, the first vessels finally got into operation just before the weekend.  During three days 23.000 MT were registered from 12 vessels, giving an average of 1.900 MT each, - being an unusual high volume.
The capelin seems to have moved west across the border line into international waters at 50° N 30'. The vessels have been working under good conditions compared to what vessels met further north during the weekend.
All catches have been sold for reduction purposes to plants in Norway, Denmark, Ireland and the Faroe Isles. Prices; from NOK 1,93-2,20. - On Sunday night the activity was lower, but it is expected that more vessels will participate.

Foreign vessels have been delivering 17.800 MT of mackerel; resulting in the best week since the turn of the year. The volume is shared between 13 vessels representing impressive catches for vessels involved.
As the herring along the coast, the mackerel is now migrating south at high speed. By the beginning of the week the catching was performed  west of the northern parts of Ireland, while the last catches were taken some 150 n.m. further south. Fishermen participating report a lot of mackerel staying fairly dense which requires precautions to avoid too much fish in one single haul.
The size is varying. At the peak the average weight was 410 g and in the lower end; 345 g. The main part has been sold on contracts where price is final upon delivery. For catches sold at the auction the prices were from NOK 7,88 to 9,48.  - As the mackerel now is moving fast, the distance back to Nw buyers are increasing. Lower volumes are accordingly expected in the forthcoming week.

Atlanto Scandic herring
Due to low quotas, there will be no catching of Atlanto Scandic herring at Møre this season. Last week just 5.900 MT were caught. By the beginning of the week the catches were made off Trøndelag and Grip Island at North Møre. The herring is moving south as normal and the last catches were taken off South Møre. The size is pretty even; from 327-349 g. The prices are from NOK 5,72 - 6,30 at the highest, - with an average at NOK 6,10. There was a tendency of lower prices last part of the week until the hurricane appeared on Saturday.
In the forthcoming week we expect just modest quantities. Uneasy weather may also influence the activity.

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